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Drug Policy

  • is the seller of all categories of drugs.
  • Be it prescription drugs, or generic medicines.

We have a wide variety of drugs for different disorders such as-

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • We sell our medicines to the all over world, individuals buy directly through our portal, and even our registered wholesalers and distributors.
  • The company also sells drugs directly to international clients which are individual and non-individual entities.

How we source our drugs?

  • We have partnered with many pharma companies who are the manufacturers of the drug.
  • We have done an agreement to source that buys drugs directly from them and sells them through our online portal.
  • Company also has all the licensing agreements and permissions to sell the patent drugs on behalf of the manufacturing companies.
  • Thus we buy drugs in bulk quantities only from the manufacturing entity of the drugs.

Drug care

  • We have a specialist group of people at our organization who are responsible for ensuring the optimum conditions for all categories and each variety of drugs when they are stored at our logistical facility.
  • Our team includes drug testers, quality and assurance teams, and other medical experts who will keep a thorough vigilance on whether the optimum conditions are being maintained for all the drugs.
  • We are also conducting regular audits, safety checks, and standard quality checkups to ensure that we meet the needs and standards specified within.
  • Our drug testing team will ensure that the drugs are maintaining their efficacy on specific terms to ensure the quality and standard checks.
  • Our quality assurance team will ensure that each drug is within its expiry limits.

Drug pricing policy

  • The prices that you see on our portal do not exceed the maximum retail price that is quoted on the sachet or cover of the medicines.
  • On the other hand, what you will find is that we also give good discounts on buying pills from our portal.
  • These discounts are solely given by us and can be availed from our portal exclusively.
  • The pricing for the drugs is subject to change on our portal from time to time and we do not guarantee the pricing of the pills.
  • The discounts and offers on our portal and for each drug are also subject to change as and when the time comes.
  • At we are at the sole discretion of changing the pricing for each drug with the MRP price as we want and we are not liable for this to the customers.
  • Our pricing parameters for any drug are based on the prevailing market prices, demand, and supply, our sourced price is the price at which we bought the medicines from the manufacturer and the prevailing stock that we have in our logistical counters.

What you cannot hold us liable for?

There are a few things that the customers can in no way hold us liable for. The following things indicate those-

Marketing information

  • All the information that you find on our portal is only about the drug, its generic ingredients and how to use the drug, and for which disorders it can be used.
  • All this information is clubbed on our product description page to give customers total information within the page.
  • But don’t take this as a recommendation or any promotional content from our end.
  • We are not promoting the use of any medicines or giving you any recommendation on using medicines from our portal only.
  • Buying will solely be at the discretion of the user with our without the doctor’s consultation.

Drug use

  • The standard method of using the drugs has been given as and where the same is also given in the sachet or the medical cover.
  • We do not promote or intend to make users aware of how and which drug dose or frequency should they be using.
  • The use of the drugs is subject to the authority of the user.
  • You cannot hold us liable if you suffer from any side effects or contradictory effects on overdosage.
  • You also cannot hold us liable for any non-conclusive evidence or if you don’t get the right effects after using the drug.
  • encourages our customers to buy drugs, find the right dose and use them only as stated by a doctor or a medical practitioner.
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