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How does Safepills4ed work?

Safepills4ed is an online portal that is engaged in the selling of various medicines. You will find pills from a range of disorders that are from both the prescription and over-the-counter categories of pills.

On our website, we provide you with a platform such that you can buy medicines from our portal easily. We allow you the option to order any pills from our portal add them to your online shopping cart, do the checkout process, pay us, and then the final order is processed.

Are all medicines FDA approved?

You can say that most of the pills on our portal are approved by the FDA. There are a variety of prescription pills that are authorized by the FDA for sales on our portal.

The backing of the FDA means that you need to validate your purchase with an authentic doctor’s prescription. 

Is it safe to buy from Safepills4ed?

Of course, it is completely safe to buy medicines from our portal. Safepills4ed is an authentic online place where you can come to buy your medicines.

We sell medicines of those companies who have partnered with us to sell their brands online using our portal.

How easy to place an order in Safepills4ed?

When you are choosing any portal one thing that you will specifically look upon is how easy it to place an order is.

At Safepills4ed it’s pretty simple, to place an order for your medicines. Using our integrated search engine you can search for any medicine. Then there are complete links for completing the buying process, videos for your reference too.

Also, you can place an order from our portal by calling on our customer helpline number and giving the order to our customer service executive. 

How many prices vary from others?

Prices on our portal will vary from other portals. And on doing a bit of comparison you will generally find our portal to be a bit more pocket-friendly.

We are quite well known for our exclusive discounts and cheap prices that you get on our portal only. Our prices are one of the lowest in the markets but we are also legal online sales of medicines.

What facilities provide Safepills4ed?

Safepills4ed provides you with lots of facilities. You can place an order easily on our portal but that is not all.

You can get doorstep delivery including the fastest delivery that assures each package is delivered within a few days.

You get a lot of payment options and the completely full-fledged online security of our widely enhanced securitized and safe portal.

How long time consumes per order shipment?

You can expect that once your order has been shipped from our end the same will reach your address within 48 to 72 hours.

This is the maximum time we take but there can be some emergencies and unknown delays during the delivery such as weather calamities, lockdowns, custom duty held up, etc.

Is it a secure service?

We provide you with completely secured services online. You can be sure that none of your details shared online are provided to any other online third-party entity.

Are our product manufacturing companies registered or well organized?

We have a clear and well-defined agreement with our medicine manufacturing companies that choose us to promote and sell their brands online.  We are the registered online sellers of all such pharma companies.

What if anyone wants to cancel the order?

Our customers deserve the right to cancel their order any time they have received an order. All you got to do is place the cancellation order online on our portal or else you can do the same from our customer helpline number too.

Even when you have received your package you can still cancel the order and ask for a refund within 7 days.

What is the return policy?

We will take returns from you provided you have placed a cancellation or return order. Remember that under such cases you cannot use the product to open the seal or tamper with the product in any way. We reserve the final right to decide on whether to accept your return policy.

Is secret delivery available?

All our deliveries are secret for our customers.  None of your medicine packages are tampered with along the process. And if you feel any sort of tampering has been done then you can place a cancelation order straight away on our portal.

How the quality, safety, and efficacy of medicines are ensured?

We have a special team of medical experts, researchers, and doctors who keeps a track of our entire stocked pills inventory.

This is a special and ongoing process that ensures that the stored conditions are in line with the medicine storage requirements and safety standards.

What is the procedure for buying a drug via prescription?

If you want to buy any prescription pills from our portal then you got to upload a scanned copy of the prescription first.

Remember that this can be done completely online on our portal provided you follow the simple set of instructions to make the process easier for you.

Along with the general buying process, this is one added process for buying prescription pills on our portal.

Is there any way to track the progress of my order?

Customers can come to our online portal and check out the status of their orders. You will be given a unique id no which is your airway bill number sent to us by email once your package is shipped from our facility.          

Can I request specific expiration dates for the medications I order?

Unfortunately, customers don’t deserve any such right while making the orders online on our portal. You can make specific requests from us as mentioned in our privacy policy which you can go through to have an idea.

How do I place an order for multiple people living in the same household?

This is possible on our portal and you can ask us to make separate packages even for delivery a the same address.

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