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RSM Enterprises


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Tadalip tablet is a phosphodiesterase (PDE-5) inhibitor. It works in erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow to the penis by relaxing the muscles in penile blood vessels. This tablet’s generic element is Tadalafil. Tadalip is manufacture by RSM Enterprises in India.

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What Is Tadalip?

About Tadalip

Tadalip is the successful cure for Erectile Dysfunction or ED in men. It charges at the source cause of the disorder and provides sufficient erection. In the present generation consumption of ED pills has significantly increased. These drugs are quite sensitive therefore they should be taken under the severe direction of a doctor. Tadalip is one of the most trusted ED pills among doctors and patients due to its approval in most countries causes no major side effects.

Other generic drugs also provide erection but they leave side effects for the patient to suffer. Curing ED is not a simple thing, ED affects sexual performance, daily life activities, and mental stability. Therefore, Tadalip cures ED but along with it, its after-effects are also treated. So, if you are also suffering from inadequate erection and finding it difficult to satisfy your wife. Use Tadalip by following the prescription and experience the ultimate orgasm with your partner next time.

Manufacturer of Tadalip

RSM Enterprises is the manufacturer of Tadalip. Established in 2007 in the state of Chandigarh, RSM Enterprises has become a known name among the dealers of India. Earlier its services were limited to the neighboring states of Gujarat and metropolitan cities like Kolkata, Delhi, and Chennai. But now its vast distribution system has spanned over the entire country.

The company has all the legal approvals and has been complying with every norm ever since it came into operation.

Strength and Dosage of Tadalip

Tadalip is available in multiple strengths in the market consisting of 10mg, and 20mg. Take the variant which the doctor has prescribed you. Taking different variant drugs can cause harmful side effects. Strength and dosage are very specific parameters for a patient. There may be two ED patients but there is no guarantee that both of them would be prescribed the same strength.


With time the cases of ED have seen a huge rise as the concern towards health went deteriorating. This led to more consumption of ED pills resulting in increasing demand. Hence, Tadalip also being one of the ED pills is in great demand among men. So, one would not find any difficulty while purchasing Tadalip. Visit any nearby medical shop or order from online pharma sites.

Use of Tadalip

Tadalip is used for only one purpose, Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It does a very simple thing to cure ED, it provides the necessary erection and for a considerable time so that one can attain sexual pleasure.

How to take Tadalip?

Tadalip like most drugs is a water-soluble drug. This means that the drug needs to be dissolved in water to begin its functions in the body.

Consume the drug only with water and no other liquid. People think of trying ED pills with their favorite wine, whisky, and fruit soda. Do not do such activities, as it can lead to terrible consequences.

Take the drug either before or after the meal, it makes no effect on its functions.

Do not mishandle the pill by chewing or breaking it, take the pill as a whole.

How does Tadalip work?

The working procedure of Tadalip is identical to other ED pills. It preserves the main cause after ED. The reduced blood supply in the penis. For erection, the penis needs to receive a huge flow of blood during stimulation. It occurs due to reasons like smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity, stress levels, depression, and lack of sex drive.

Tadalip eases the tension in the pelvic muscles, relaxes the erectile tissues, and reduces blood pressure. Hence, a situation is created where blood can flow with no obstruction in the penile region. This results in an excellent erection that lasts long for the couple to enjoy.


One should not take more than 3 pills in a day of any strength. The dosage should be taken at fixed times every day. This creates a rhythm that facilitates the action of the drug against the disorder. Hence, if due to any reason this rhythm is destroyed, the efficacy of the drug is affected.

How long Tadalip shall be continued

The time for which the drug must be taken is also specified in the prescription. So, in any case of any confusion look at the days and weeks were given. In want of getting cured quickly, people take the drug for more days than specified. This also is a form of overdose so, do not violate the prescription in any situation.

Missed a dose of Tadalip

In this busy lifestyle, one can forget anything, from food to mobile phones, almost everything. Therefore, missing the dose is not big deal but it has its share of importance to the system.

If sometimes you miss the dose of Tadalip, do not get panicked at all because nothing so harmful has occurred. Do not take any more doses of the drug on that day, if it’s missed then wait for the next day. Missing the dose causes no side effects but works to decrease the efficiency of the drug.


  • With Antidepressants

For a mental patient who is suffering from depression, hallucination and anxiety, Tadalip can have extremely low levels of blood pressure. It can lead to coma, suicidal thoughts, and extra sleepiness.

  • With Milk

No study has found anything worthwhile regarding the ill effects of taking Tadalip with Milk. So, take proper consultation from the doctor before consuming the pills.

When not to take Tadalip

If you are healthy with no disorders but want to try ED pills for the first time.

In case people get diagnosed with being allergic to Tadalafil, the main ingredient of the drug.

If the drug is showing some side effects in you, stop the dosage as soon as possible.

Side Effects

  • Suicidal attempts

Patients may feel lonely which gives rise to insane and problematic thoughts such as committing suicide etc.

  • Excess sweating

People face too much humidity and temperature which often leads to sweating from inappropriate parts such as the hand, fingers, and thigh.

Overdose Effects of Tadalip

No drug should be taken more than its dose in the prescription. A sense of disbelief rises which considers taking more no. pills to get rid of ED easier. This results in different types of side effects solely caused due to overdose. Some of them are:

Slight fever, low blood pressure, joint pain, drowsiness, and breathlessness, etc.

Precaution & Warning

Always abide by the instructions given in the prescription.

One should check whether the medicals shop or online portal is certified by the regulating agency or not.

In case of consuming two drugs simultaneously get assured from the doctor.

Complete the full course of the medication. Do not leave in between as the symptoms of ED will again appear after some time.

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