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Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate


RSM Enterprises


10 Tablets in a strip


25 Mg to 200 Mg

Delivery Time:

6 To 15 days

Bluemen is initially useful in resolving the problem of Erectile Dysfunction in men. It comes with an active component of Sildenafil citrate. The manufacturing of the medicine is done for RSM Enterprises. The medicine is obtainable in tablet form.

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What Is Bluemen?

About Bluemen

In today’s society attaining sexual pleasure has become difficult because disorders like Erectile Dysfunction come in the way. Though by definition it is a male disorder it keeps females also deprived of pleasure.

This is because if males do not get the necessary erection how are females going to enjoy it. Thus, it is a matter of urgent importance to bring back the youthful romance in a relationship for longevity.

In the market, there are hundreds of counter ED drugs but Bluemen remains the top choice of doctors, owing to its high efficacy. Give Bluemen a chance to fix the conflict between you and your partner by making her happy on the bed.

Manufacturer of Bluemen

The manufacturer of Bluemen is RSM Enterprises. RSM Enterprises is one of the few brands that specialize in the sexual wellness segment.

Its products enhance sexual pleasure both for men and women. Among doctors, the products of RSM Enterprises are a top priority because of their high effectiveness and degree of safety from side effects.

Strength and Dosage of Bluemen

You will land yourself in deep trouble if you don’t take the pill in prescribed strength and dosage. Excess dosage will add on the trouble by inviting side effects whereas less dosage will produce less improvement.

The best dosage and strength needed by our body is known to the doctor by his/her expertise in the medical field. Thus, any change to the strength and dosage must take place after consulting the doctor.


Bluemen is easily available in Safepills4ed medical store. You can also get Bluemen delivered to your doorstep by ordering through online websites.

Use of Bluemen

Sildenafil Citrate is the active ingredient in Bluemen. For example, in Bluemen the task of erecting the penis is carried out by Sildenafil Citrate, the rest are complementary chemicals.

Bluemen effectively helps in erecting the penis for a longer duration such as 6 to 7 hours.

How to take Bluemen?

Bluemen must be consumed with water. If the drug is not dissolved it remains inactivated in the body.

Do not chew, break, crush or disintegrate the pills while consuming them. Instead, one should swallow the drug along with water.

Do not use alcoholic beverages, fruit juice, or any other drink except water with the drug.

How does Bluemen work?

The working mechanism of the tablet is identical to any other ED pill because of the same objective.

Erectile Dysfunction is a medical situation when the hardness of the penis does not last long which results in half-baked sexual satisfaction both for men and women.

The erection of the penis demands sexual arousal or stimulation accompanied by a rush of blood in the penis.

When someone is suffering from ED the blood enters in very little amount in the penile region. Therefore, despite the sexual stimulation one is incapable to fulfill his wife or girlfriend.

Bluemen on the other hand provide rock-solid erection by significantly reducing the blood pressure, enhancing the elasticity of erectile tissues and muscles, and releasing compressions in pelvic muscles.


The most prescribed dosage of Bluemen is one pill in a day or 24 hours. It is just an assumption the accurate number is given by the doctor. For this reason, doctors emphasize following the prescription. Taking excess or less dosage will result in unwanted outcomes that pose threat.

How long Bluemen shall be continued

The duration of the dosage is given in the prescription and one must strictly follow it. The only doctor has the right to change the duration of the dosage when needed.

Missed a dose of Bluemen

Missing a dose of Bluemen must not invite a side effect but at the same time should not be repeated. Follow the steps below if you have missed a dose of Bluemen:

  • Take the dose immediately after you are recalled of missing the dose.
  • But please do not take extra pills in the next dose, it is a form of overdose which causes side effects.


  • With Tadalafil & Vardenafil


  • With Riociguat


When not to take Bluemen

Patients who are diagnosed and found allergic to Bluemen should not take the drug. If you have started the dose, then terminate it as soon as possible.

One should not take Bluemen if after taking initial doses side effects are experienced.

One should not take the pill if the person is currently consuming some other ED drug. Only use one ED pill at a time, using both will cause side effects.

Side Effects

  • Urinary tract infection

Thought is rare, but urinary tract infection is observed in those patients who overlook side effects.

  • Mental disbalance

The patient may experience mood swings.

Overdose Effects of Bluemen

Overdose is a situation when the prescription is violated with the intake of excess doses. Extra pills initiate a vigorous reaction which leads to excessive low blood pressure, memory loss, narcolepsy, depression, and even a heart attack.

Precaution & Warning

The basic set of precautions common for any drug should be followed. Strength and dosage should be taken as given in the prescription.

Never hide and underestimate any minor side effects, tell the doctor about it. These minor side effects turn monstrous when overlooked.

Bluemen is approved by drug regulating agencies of various nations such as the UK, Russia, Japan, Switzerland, France, Germany, etc.

The medical shop and the online site preferred should be reputed and authorized.

Always ask the doctor before altering the prescription. The doctor has prescribed a certain amount of drug to be taken for a fixed number of days after examining various things using his/her expertise. Therefore, do not challenge it.

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