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Safe And Secure Shopping

We give our clients a free from any danger shopping stage. We try and provide a safe online platform using which they can pay us securely and without having to worry about the downside and the risks of making an online payment. We also have various online payment modes available for the benefit of our customers.

We are always focusing on ensuring better back and end and front end technology to provide a safer experience for increasing the safety of payment for our customers.

You have to be willing to pay us using online means only

All customers will have to pay us by online means only. We don’t acknowledge some other methods of installment, for example, check installment or broker’s check installment.

If you cannot pay us online then it’s better to say that you will not be able to buy medicines online from

We have various modes of online payment and you can use any one of those to pay us.

We have a range of online modes available

As discussed to cater to our wide range of customers both domestically and globally we have to have various online payment modes.

You can pay us by utilizing any of the accompanying implies that are advantageous to you.

Pay us using online net banking. Check out if your bank features in the list of our merchant banks and use it to make the online payment. 

Pay us using your bank’s debit or credit card. Remember that we accept all cards from leading banks and payment gateway institutions such as VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, etc.

Pay us using mobile wallets such as Paypal.

Acknowledgment of your online payment

Only when we have received the payment on our end is the transaction deemed to be complete. Remember that if your account has been debited and the same is not credited on our end your transaction does not sand complete and thus we will in due time cancel it after confirming with you via an email. When your installment is gotten and affirmed at our end we will start with the delivery interaction.

What we don’t guarantee on

We do not guarantee you on failed payments or payments where the payments are stuck midway. You can’t hold us responsible in any capacity for this.

Safety features of online payment at our online portal

We have our list of safety features on our online payment portal to make it a safe platform where our customers can pay reliably and faster using a lot of payment options.

Our payment gateway portal ensures the best technology that includes firewalls and antitheft protocol systems that ensures a safe payment.

Each time a private and secured end-to-end link is established which is guaranteed by the 256bit SSL layer gateway protocol. It is through this private network that the payment is made. Once the transaction is complete the link is de-connected and stands invalid.

Not holding back to any of your private payment information

We do not hold back on any of your payment information. we are not associated with the selling of any private client data as well.

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