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Return & Refund

We have clear and well-defined return and refund rules and guidelines which we would like to be checked out by the customers who are ordering medicines on our portal Safepills4ed.

In general, we have strict guidelines for the return and refund process. Some things are essential for the customer to know when they have decided on an order return and refund their money back.

The following few points can help you to get clarified on a few misconceptions and the general rules that we have on our portal.

Guidelines for return and refund

In general, you can ask us for a refund if you have received a wrong order or package at your address or when you want to cancel the order after the delivery has been made.

The maximum time for returning your orders to us

Once the delivery has been made to you, you will get an email from us confirming the same. Remember that once you have received the package you can ask us for a return and refund for a maximum period of 7 days from the receipt of your package.

Any extension is not given under any circumstances. No return and refund calls will be entertained from the eighth day onwards.

How is the refund made?

After we have accepted your return and refund order after checking up on a few things you must know that we will refund the money back to you only via an online bank transfer process. No other form of refund will be done under any other circumstances.

Even you got to know that the taxes that you have paid are not refunded as this is already paid by us to the relevant government authorities when delivering your order.

Along with this we also reserve the right to deduct some money. For example, cancellation and refunding charges will be deducted from the refund amount, and after this; the rest is paid back to you via an online bank transfer.

In which cases will accept the return order?

When you have received the wrong brand of medicines or the wrong dosage of pills will we accept your order?

When can we cancel your return and refund order?

When the time has exceeded

We will automatically cancel and not entertain any of your return and refund orders after 7 days of receipt of your package at your address. Remember that this timeline also has the holidays included in it.

When you have already used any product

Our delivery executive will reach your doorstep and thoroughly check out the product to ensure that it has not been used. If our employee finds that no tampering of the product has been done or the product has not to be used in any way will be taken back your order.

Once our delivery executive picks the package for return we will get the information. You can then count to a maximum of 7 days excluding holidays for refunding your payment to your bank account after all charges and taxes have been deducted.

General guidelines for return and refund

Providing correct and valid bank details

The customer is liable for providing the refund bank details. We are not liable if the account is closed, dormant, or simply invalid. Once the refund order is processed at our end no further orders or queries are entertained.

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