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Samok Overseas


10 tablets in 1 strip

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6 To 15 days

Tadagra is an oral medication that is formulated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. it is very helpful to maintain erection at the time of physical intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is a physical disorder in makes that incompetent them to erect their penis at the time of physical intercourse.

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What Is Tadagra

About Tadagra

Tadagra is a pill used for curing Erectile Dysfunction, a sexual disorder in men. Men become incapable of getting a hard penis during sexual stimulation. This deprives men and their partners of sexual pleasure-inducing frustration and dissatisfaction in their relationship. When such situations get common after a point of time the couple either separates or one of them indulges in extramarital affairs.

This explains the need for sexual pleasure in a relationship which we often ignore. We always focus on satisfying our partner with material pleasures like cars, money, house, ornaments, and expensive clothing but ignore the sexual desires. Tadagra is for all such men out there wanting to get back their erection to fulfill their desires.

Manufacturer of Tadagra

The manufacturer of Tadagra tablet is Samok Overseas in India. The maker has experience of more than two decades in the field saving millions of lives. The brand is known across the medical community for its high-efficiency drugs that pass every criterion of safety.

Due to this reason, it is free to be sold in countries such as the USA, UK, Russia, France, Germany, Canada, and Japan, etc. Its products are for every disease and ailment ranging from sex disorders treatment to antidepressants.

Strength and Dosage of Tadagra

The strength and dosage of any drug are the most important factors that determine the reactivity of the drug. A certain amount of strength and dose works best for one patient but not be sufficient for another. Only the doctor knows what’s the best amount for you. Therefore, only apply to the prescription in elements of strength and dosage. For changing strength and dosage, the doctor must be consulted.

Use of Tadagra

Tadagra contains Tadalafil as its active ingredient. It is taken to get a hard penis that lasts long during sexual intercourse i.e., to cure ED.

How to take Tadagra?

Tadagra is a tablet that dissolves in water and then gets activated to perform its functions. Therefore, it comes under the category of water-soluble pills. In any other form except dissolved, the drug remains ineffective.

Tadagra must be only swallowed and not chewed, disintegrated, or broken as it is not a chewable tablet.

Do not drink any other liquid except water to dissolve the tablet. Some people have their favorite wine, whisky, or juice with the pill. Such actions result in side effects.

How does Tadagra work?

Tadagra helps obtain the desired erection by providing the easy flow of blood in the penis. If the required amount of blood does not enter the penis, it directly impacts the erection. There can be various reasons for blood not entering the penis in required amounts.

Tadagra overcomes all those barriers and gives free flow to blood, to enter in blood vessels of the penis. It is done with reduction of blood pressure, enhancing the elasticity of erectile tissues, and releasing tension from pelvic muscles.


Dosage is variable for each patient because it depends on a lot of person-specific parameters. Some of them are the immunity system, sleep-wake cycle, food habits, behavior, medical history, and others. Thus, dosage for one patient may not work fully in another patient.

How long Tadagra shall be continued

The duration of dosage is already mentioned in the prescription. Kindly refer to the prescription-only for the duration. The dose must be extended or reduced only after consultation from the doctor.

Missed a dose of Tadagra

Missing the dose has become a regular affair today. Follow the steps discussed below when missing a dose of Tadagra:

  • Do not take any other dose on that day, the next dose should be taken a day after.
  • Take the next dose at the same timing as earlier doses to re-establish the rhythm.
  • Try not to overdose the drug on the next day. Patients are often misled to take the excess dose on the next day to compensate for the missed day.


  • With Sildenafil Citrate and Vardenafil

Very dangerous.

  • With Tocopherol

Harmful side effects.

When not to take Tadagra

When you are not sure whether you are suffering from ED or not because till now you have been acting on assumptions. Tadagra is a prescription-based tablet.

When you are tested allergic to Tadagra the doctor will probably change the drug. It means your body and immune system and not complementing the drug.

When you are taking a medication that lowers blood pressure. Using Tadagra in such a situation will further reduce the blood pressure causing low pulse rate, loss of sensation, and even coma.

Side Effects

  • Shortness of breath

Asthma patients may get a severe asthma attack. Therefore, carry an inhaler always.

  • Headache

Headache has become a common affair in today’s society. Even school students are suffering from a headache.

Overdose Effects of Tadagra

Overdose is the situation where the patient takes an excess dose than mentioned in the prescription. It is a clear violation of prescription and hence, negative outcomes become inevitable. You cannot expect positive results after overdosing on the drug. Side effects are experienced some of which are fatal. The best thing to do is to take the patient to the doctor as soon as possible.

Precaution & Warning

Before purchasing the drug make sure you verify the legality of the seller, whether it is approved or not. Not so much with medical stores but more with online websites that are most vulnerable to fraud. People get fooled by seeing excessive low prices but when products are delivered, they turn out to be fake substitutes.

If you are persistent from any chronic disorder, allergies or infection tell the physician about it.

If you are taking any other pill for a different disorder inform the doctor about it. He after analyzing the situation will decide whether to allow both of them to be consumed simultaneously or not.

If you previously had a heart attack, be extra aware because you may experience another one.


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