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Privacy Policy

  • At our portal Safepills4ed, we have a clear and well-defined privacy policy that is solely made for ensuring strict data vigilance and control on behalf of our users.
  • We ensure that your confidential data is not used in any unmeaningful way or by our vendors or any other third parties.
  • We also have some terms and conditions regarding the collection of information which you have to abide by for purchasing medicines on our portal.

We believe that as we are providing services online these features and provisions in place make our portal a safe bet on which you can share your information.

Collecting information from the users

  • We collect information only that is necessary for our end users to validate and authenticate any user.
  • We do not intend to collect any information that will not be required at our end and we also do not collect any information willfully.
  • The customer is at their sole discretion whether they want to share their information on our portal for purchasing medicines.
  • But remember that you have to be willing to share the basic information as is specified in our customer information guidelines for buying medicines from our portal.
  • You can also click on save your information such that the information is saved on our servers and you don’t have to type your information all over again when you are purchasing medicines from our portal time and time again.

Ensuring to read the terms and conditions

  • There is a checkbox at the end of the registration page that specifies the terms and conditions the users have to abide by for buying medicines from our portal.
  • We encourage our customers to check out all the policies stated within there to avoid any confusion later.
  • At we strive to make things as transparent as possible to avoid any problems later.

Providing your email address

  • At we have a special benefit for you if you share your email id with us.
  • But we do not promote or ask you to share your email id.
  • This is solely based on your discretion and we cannot be upheld for this.
  • By sharing your email address you permit us to share the latest information with you.
  • We believe that such information is only going to help you out in getting better offers, availing of the one-time offers, and get notified on the latest arrivals and out-of-stock medicines.

Use of cookies

  • We also use cookies to make sure that your access to our website is as smooth as possible.
  • Once you enter our website you will have the cookie check box and our cookie policy underwritten.
  • If you want to use cookies then all your information shared so far will be automatically uploaded at the time of you purchasing medicines on our portal or while making the payment.
  • We believe that using our cookie policy is going to make your overall purchasing experience much faster and smoother on our portal.
  • But you don’t have to accept our cookie policy on mandatorily for shopping for medicines on our portal.
  • It is solely your decision whether you want to accept and use our cookies for seamlessly using our website.

Payment information

  • All payments have to be necessarily be made online only.
  • We have a wide variety of means for paying us online though.
  • From debit and credit cards to net banking, to using mobile wallets we have it all when it comes to making your payment.
  • Remember that we do not keep your payment information after the transaction is processed.
  • It is deleted from all the servers once payment has been received at our end.
  • All payments done on our portal by the customers are secured over a one-time highly secured private network protected and guided by an SSL algorithm.
  • This makes payment faster and smoother and without any delays while also preventing chances of online phishing.

Giving your reviews

  • We encourage our customers to give reviews so that at the end of the day someone else just like you can also gather ideas on whether they should use our portal or not.
  • But this is not any recommendation for users who have done transactions on our portal.
  • We suggest you share your reviews based on your experience.
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