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Can Coffee help with Erectile Dysfunction?

Coffee help with erectile dysfunction

When you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and wondering about the possible ED treatments than of course might have some knowledge. And of course, you might be knowing the basic forms of ED treatments like most others do which is to use ED curing medicines like Viagra and Cialis.

But apart from this, you do not know of any ED curative strategies.

Well, there are many natural cures to ED and one of them is your daily cup of coffee. So does this mean that using just your morning coffee can help you with a possible permanent cure from ED?

Are there any side effects of using caffeine with your ongoing ED pills? And most importantly if coffee is one of the definite forms of cur for ED then can it help replace the ED pills?

We will answer all these questions. That strength is working on the back of your head right now. Let’s begin…

What does the data suggest between a possible cure for coffee and ED?

There have been many types of research going on to find out the possible relationship and the curative benefits that coffee has in making you hard.

One such study had around 4000 men surveyed on their daily caffeine intake quantities and also found if they were suffering from ED or not. All these men were above the age of 20 to higher fifties.

Interestingly and what might promote you to using a cup of coffee as well reveals that a majority section of the men who were taking in good amounts of coffee was not suffering from ED.

And even if the men were as reported in some cases the severity levels of ED were far too low. On further research and investigation, the data was revealed and statistically charted out.

It is seen that men who take around 100 to 300 grams of coffee every 24 hours have lower chances of suffering from ED.

But this does not mean that if you start taking in let’s say 200 grams of coffee from today itself you will not suffer from ED.

Remember that this is a statistical analysis and most men were not suffering from ED those who were taking in the said amounts of coffee. Well, some men were still suffering from ED but then the severity levels of ED in them were far too low.

So in short from this statistical analysis we can, in general, say that if you start taking in at least 2 to 3 cups of coffee daily then your chances of suffering from ED will at least reduce. Or put in another way if you take caffeine in the said amounts as above even if you have ED the high levels of caffeine in your blood will keep ED in check.  

How exactly does caffeine fight against ED to keep it in check?

Remember that the research in this field is continuing and the leading researchers are not exactly sure of the way how caffeine can help to fight against ED or prevent it completely.

But wait…we have some more interesting data and analysis coming your way that should spark interest.

One of the studies suggested that men who were having high levels of caffeine in their blood allowed vasodilation of arteries and this lead to a higher flow of blood to the penile tissues causing the penis to grow hard.

One of the facts also says that the vasodilation effects caused by caffeine also lead to easing of the arterial tissues that helped it to relax and increase the flow of blood to the penis tissues.

Benefits of using caffeine to cure ED

Well, even though the scientists are not sure of how caffeine can do help fight ED one thing is for sure. If you use caffeine to fight erectile dysfunction then you do not have to worry about the severe side effects.

Of course, using the ED medicines such as Fildena 150, Cenforce 200 and Vidalista 60 mg does come with a bad reputation of having a few dangerous and highly concerning side effects like fall in blood pressure, fainting, increased and irregular heart throbbing, blurred vision, chest pain, etc.

But when you drink coffee it does not have any such side effects linked with it.

Caffeine helps to raise blood pressure and is sometimes recommended as a natural remedy to patients suffering from low blood pressure.

Can using caffeine replace the ED medicines as a primary form of ED cure?

As of now certainly, this is not a possibility. Why? The reason is self-explanatory in itself as the doctors and scientists do not have conclusive data from research and experiments that show caffeine can singlehandedly win against ED.

It does show some interesting evidence such as caffeine helping to dilate the blood vessels and arteries but not conclusively.

And of course, with no conclusive evidence, it is not an FDA-recommended form of ED cure. But there is hope with increased research continuing in this field. Maybe in the future, we will gain information on a positive confirmation. 

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