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Can Smoking & Drinking destroy testosterone?

Can Smoking & Drinking destroy testosterone?

Testosterone is the male reproductive hormone that is responsible for the development of sexual organs, muscles strength, and sex drive. During puberty for sexual characteristics to be visible like facial hair, deep voice, and enlargement of penis and testicles, testosterone is very important. It is not only helpful in an effective sexual process but also in executing day-to-day activities by providing the necessary stamina. Men with low testosterone levels are often found to gain weight, succumb to lethargy, fatigue and become less productive in their work.

Often when the reason that led to low testosterone are traced, addictions like smoking and consumption of alcohol come out. But is it a fact or just a rumor?

What do low levels of testosterone mean?

Before we jump to the effects of smoking and drinking on testosterone levels, we must understand what does having low levels of testosterone mean for our body. Though testosterone is called sex hormone but its application is beyond the sexual organs. Too much low testosterone will result in weak bones and muscles, leading to osteoporosis. Hence, for athletes and sportspersons significant levels of testosterone are necessary, or else you may get exhausted too quickly.

As testosterone is a hormone therefore if its levels have fluctuated, it also has emotional consequences. Low levels of testosterone result in stress levels, loneliness and irritation when interacting with others. Such a person evades participating in any social functions like weddings, birthdays, and celebrations. Ultimately, the person enters into depression and other psychological disorders. Suffering from deficiency of the sex hormone you cannot ask for enhanced sex interest. The personal life of such men is troubled with conflicts because they are unable to satisfy their partners due to sexual disorders like Erectile Dysfunction, low sex drive, or decreased semen quantity.

Often the situation leads to divorce and extramarital affairs. So, deficiency of testosterone is a question of the overall development of a male and not only the sexual organs.

How do smoking and drinking contribute to destroying testosterone?

Smoking and drinking alcohol surely are not beneficial for the body but only harmful. Smoking most cause direct respiratory and breathing problems often leading to chronic disorders like asthma. Smoking on special occasions does not pose much threat but being addicted to smoking surely does. Too much smoking contaminates the oxygenated blood needed by organs. Thus, the organs do not function at their full potential leading to cardiac arrests and other life-threatening disorders. For smokers, it is common to suffer from sexual embarrassments like Erectile Dysfunction and Premature ejaculation. Regular smokers are some of the biggest consumers of ED pills like Cenforce, Vidalista, and Fildena. Specifically, to the concentration of testosterone, smoking is not a danger.

Alcohol on the other hand is an out-and-out destroyer of testosterone. It attacks the very cells that produce testosterone. But this does not happen on a single day and with one glass of alcohol. Drinking alcoholic beverages in small quantities helps ease out stress and tension. The problem starts when you get addicted to it and consume large quantities for a long period. Gradually it starts showing its harmful effects by lowering testosterone levels and dismantling the coordination between organs and nervous systems.

High levels of alcohol consumption facilitate the secretion of the stress hormone, cortisol. Cortisol tends to attack the Leydig cells where testosterone is produced. Too much intake of alcohol also damages the normal sleep-wake cycle resulting in hallucinations and anxiety. Such situations are anti-testosterone production because the body is weak both mentally and physically. For optimum production of testosterone, the body must be free from diseases. Hence, if you are drinking excess alcohol, then focus on getting rid of the addiction. Once, the consumption of alcohol is controlled other processes follow the chain, and testosterone production is back at normal levels.

Solutions for regaining the testosterone production

For every problem, there is a solution, and similarly, if you practice proper medication as per the prescription you can reset your testosterone levels. Some people found solutions in sexual wellness drugs like Cenforce 100, Vidalista 20, and Fildena 100. But these are short-term solutions that do not increase the testosterone levels but simply provided the erection by increasing the blood flow in the penis. Hence, for another sexual intercourse the person needs to take another pill, one pill lasts for 4 to 5 hours.

So, you cannot trust it as a permanent solution. For a permanent and long-lasting solution, one needs to attack the core of the issue, which is the addiction to smoking and drinking. Try getting admitted to a rehabilitation center or consult a psychiatrist. From your side eat fibrous foods and add dairy products and dry fruits to the diet. Exercise normally and cease masturbating for a while.

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