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Get a stronger and longer erection on the bed with Malegra 100

Get a stronger and longer erection on the bed with Malegra 100

In this article, we are going to find out about one of the medicines that enables men to achieve a longer and harder erection. Malegra 100 is a medicinal dose of the Malegra brand of pills.

The substance that helps you to get hard and stay hard for hours is a substance that you can either refer to by the name of Generic Viagra or even Sildenafil Citrate.

Let’s begin getting to know about how you can use Malegra 100 to best of effects to bring about a hard erection.

How can Malegra 100mg help you to get a hard erection?

Malegra pills as we told you have this generic substance within it that is Sildenafil which actively works as the only substance to help you to get a hard erection.

This substance is capable of upbringing erectile dysfunction effects by conducting some hormonal changes. There are two hormones whose concentration levels will change. One is the PDE-5 hormones whose levels will continue dropping further eventually coming to a full halt and the other one is that of cGMP hormones whose levels will continue rising.

The rising cGMP hormone levels allow the secretion of nitric oxide and this allows the penile blood vessels and capillaries to have more blood flowing in through the arterial tissues. Consequently, because of this, there is a rise in the sensitivity of your penis and eventually, by this time, you can stimulate your penis to make it grow hard. 

How long will such an induced erection of Malegra 100 stay?

Now that you know about the working procedures of Malegra 100 and how it can enable you to generate a hard penis let us get to know how long will the effects sustain. After all, just like any other pill, the effects of the Malegra 100 pill will only sustain for some time before the effects pass out.

For Sildenafil the time of activation is roughly around 4 to 6 hours depending on its strength in a Malegra pill. The 100mg dose is around 6 hours.

So, once you take in a pill you are can pretty much expect to get penile hardness and achieve a long and hard erection till up to 6 hours post intake.

The pills do take some time of their own to get to the actionable stage where the effects can kick in. This waiting time or turnaround time is roughly around 30 minutes for Malegra 100.

What disorder is the use of the pill applicable for?

Malegra 100 is a pill that a specific group of people will take as it is prescribed by doctors. These men have a disorder that doctors refer to by the name of ED or erectile dysfunction.

This is the penile hardening problem in which somehow patients are not able to achieve a hard penis before having hard erections.

Generally, we feel that it is safe for you to take the pills provided that you are suffering from ED already and that the doctors have also suggested for you to take Malegra 25mg and Malegra 200mg pills dose.

Generally, anyone who takes Malegra 100 pill despite not suffering from ED may have unrelenting side effects.

How do you use Malegra 100 for getting a long and hard erection?

Of course, when you are using Malegra 100 you have to use it in some specific ways to enable enjoying the maximum efficacy out of it.

This can occur when you do the following things-

Take Malegra 100 pill at least one hour to have sex

Of course just as we told you above Malegra 100 pills will need approximately 30 minutes to showcase its actions. For being on the safer side you can take the pills, even more, advance such as one hours before having sex.

Do not consume alcohol or grape juice

Avoid using alcohol or grape juice as its effects can force you to suffer from side effects. The effects of such substances fall under the list of contraindicating agents that you specifically have to avoid.

Have a light dinner if taking the pills at night

For most people nighttime is the time when they wish to get intimate with their partners. So, in case you wish to get erectile dysfunction at night after having dinner, we recommend you to have a light and easy-to-digest meal. This allows for faster action of Malegra 100.

Avoiding more than one pill intake during 24 hours

Avoid intake of more than one pill for 24 hours as this again causes side effects. Yes, even though its actions will last you only for about 6 hours do not a second pill for it may cause an overdose of Sildenafil.

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