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Alvitra 20 Mg

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Alpha Pharmaceuticals


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20 Mg

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Alvitra 20 Mg is the active ingredient is Vardenafil 20 mg. This tablet is safe and effective and used to treat erectile dysfunction or impotence problem in men. This tablet helps to get a strong erection.

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What Is Alvitra 20 Mg?

About Alvitra 20 Mg

Today getting fame and a good amount of money is easy but not sexual satisfaction. Men are the most affected due to which females indirectly have to compromise their sexual desires. This leads to tension and frustration in the relationship which sometimes leads to divorce and separation. A good sexual experience is brought when the penis becomes hard to please the partner. But due to haphazard lifestyle, eating and sleeping habits erection is affected causing Erectile Dysfunction.

Alvitra 20 Mg is one of the most effective treatments of ED currently on the market.

Manufacturer of Alvitra 20 Mg

Alvitra 20 Mg is created, packaged, and distributed by none other than Alpha Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. The brand made its presence in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing in the year 2014, since then its customer base and revenue have shown remarkable growth. Its products are seen as one of the finest in the market that passes every safety criterion by pharmaceutical drug agencies of respective countries. It manufactures, eye drops, cancer drugs, sexual disorder treatment, ointments, and antibiotics.

Strength and Dosage of Alvitra 20 Mg

The total strength of Alvitra 20 Mg is 20 Mg, out of which the active ingredient is Vardenafil. Taking proper strength is very important for the patient. Take the strength and dosage as provided in the prescription. If you are not happy with the popular strength and dosage, ask the doctor to make changes.


ED is rapidly spreading across the world and affecting males of all age groups above 18. This has boosted the demand for ED drugs and Alvitra 20 Mg being one of them comes at the top priority of doctors and patients. Safepills4ed pharmaceutical site keeps the drug in full stock to ensure good availability.

Use of Alvitra 20 Mg

The main purpose of the drug is to get rid of lack of erection, also known as Erectile Dysfunction or ED. Due to its action against ED, it is also called a counter ED drug. The drug works by boosting the blood supply in the erectile regions.

How to take Alvitra 20 Mg?

Take Alvitra 20 Mg like any other drug, there is nothing special about it.

Swallowing is the only method of taking the drug, do not chew, break or bite the pills.

Only water should be consumed along with the pill. Taking alcoholic beverages, caffeine-rich drinks, cold drinks, and others with the drug will invite unwanted side effects.

How does Alvitra 20 Mg work?

Alvitra 20 Mg is taken to overcome the problem of Erectile Dysfunction by making the penis erect. One must remember the first thing for a good erection is proper blood supply in the penile region. This increases of blood vessels of the penis which expands the penis i.e., erection. But during ED, the blood vessels of the penis face a shortage of blood due to various reasons like smoking, excess alcohol consumption, high cholesterol levels, stress, and anxiety, etc. Due to lack of blood, the expansion of the blood vessels is not as one would expect. It leads to reduced erection depriving a couple of sexual pleasure.

When Alvitra 20 Mg enters the body the drug reduces the blood pressure, facilitates smoothness in the erectile tissues, and relaxes the pelvic muscles. These changes affect to create an atmosphere where blood easily flows in the blood vessels of the penis.


The dosage of a doctor is an important factor that determines the way the drug will function in the body. The dosage depends on various factors like the immune system, sleep cycle, existing disorders, hormonal changes, the severity of the patient, and many others. This makes dosage unique for each patient through the drug remains the same. Not everybody needs 60 Mg of the drug, for some 20 Mg is enough.

How long Alvitra 20 Mg shall be continued

The duration of the dose is already mentioned in the prescription. Only after permission from the doctor, one can extend the duration of the dose.

Missed a dose of Alvitra 20 Mg

Skip the dose on the day you miss the dose. Do not take any pill on that day, even your daily supplement.

The dose must be resumed from tomorrow at the same timings. Do not try to take the excess dose on the next day as compensation.


  • With Sildenafil Citrate and Tadalafil


  • With Ketoconazole


When not to take Alvitra 20 Mg

If the doctor has not prescribed you to take Alvitra 20 Mg then do not take Alvitra 20 Mg of your own will. These pills are chemicals after all which may react differently and become hazardous.

When you are already taking another ED pill currently. Do not take multiple counter ED pills at the same time.

Side Effects

  • Anxiety

Mental health can get a back seat causing anxiety, depression, and high levels of stress.

  • Symptoms of Osteoporosis

Patients often experience joint pain, weak bones, and muscle cramps.

Overdose Effects of Alvitra 20 Mg

The medical condition is when the patient takes an excess dose of the drug than mentioned in the prescription. There is a misbelief among some people due to lack of education that taking an excess dose will cure the disorder. But results don’t turn out as expected, instead, such people get affected by life-threatening side effects.

Precaution & Warning

Violating the prescription by any means will result in harmful consequences.

Verify the seller before purchasing the drug from it. Take special precautions while shopping from online sites. People often are fooled with extremely low prices in portals. But when things are delivered, they turn out to be fake pills.

In case if you encounter any side effects, be it a minor or major one, inform the doctor as soon as possible.

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    My disorders are very well affected by Alvitra 20 mg tablet. In addition, I like the price and the speed of shipping. It is highly recommended that everyone buy this tablet.

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