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Alvitra 60 Mg


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Alpha For Export Only


1 X 10 tablets


60 Mg

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Alvitra 60 Mg is a safe and effective medicine. Alvitra 60 mg (Vardenafil) is used to cure erectile dysfunction or importance in men. Buy Alvitra 60 mg at a trusted site Safepills4ed and get more offers.

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What Is Alvitra 60 Mg?

About Alvitra 60 Mg

For getting rid of Erectile Dysfunction not many drugs can compete with Alvitra 60 Mg in terms of effectiveness and safety. The drug helps achieve a proper penile erection in men thus, adding a spark in dull relationships. With desired erection men also feel high in self-respect and self-esteem.

Due to its action against ED, Alvitra 60 Mg is also referred to as a counter ED drug. Chemically the drug belongs to the group of PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase type-5) inhibitors. The drug has got all approvals and licenses from drug regulating agencies for selling.

Therefore, if a man is facing difficulty in sex life let’s not extend the problem rather take the pill as soon as possible under the supervision of a doctor.

Manufacturer of Alvitra 60 Mg

Alpha Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd is an Indian pharmaceutical brand that makes Alvitra 60 Mg. The brand today is counted among the top drugmakers around the world.

Known for its highly efficient and secure products Alpha Pharmaceuticals has formed a loyal customer base in more than 40 countries around the world.

Doctors first consider the products of Alpha Pharmaceuticals because of their high trustworthiness and clean track record. It manufactures anti-cancer drugs, asthma treatments, sexual wellness, antibiotics, antipyretics, etc.

Strength and Dosage of Alvitra 60 Mg

Not only for Alvitra 60 Mg but any other drug strength and Dosage are crucial parameters that shape the working of the drug. The total strength of Alvitra 60 Mg is 60 Mg, it is available in other strengths too.


Alvitra 60 Mg is one of the most demanded drugs in the market because of the rapid increase in cases of ED.

Therefore, if the problem is widespread the cure will also see a rise in demand. This has caused Safepills4ed online pharmaceutical store to keep Alvitra 60 Mg in full stock.

Use of Alvitra 60 Mg

The major ingredient of Alvitra 60 Mg is Vardenafil which constitutes more than 95% of the drug.

How to take Alvitra 60 Mg?

Alvitra 60 Mg can be taken just like any other water-soluble drug.

Doctors have recommended not to chew, break, disintegrate or crush the pills. The pill must only be swallowed as a whole.

One must take the drug with alcohol drinks, tea, coffee, cola, and other beverages. These drinks tend to make the drug less impactful.

One must take a light meal before taking the tablet. Do not eat junk foods before consuming Alvitra 60 Mg as it will increase its reaction time.

Consume the tablets as per the instructions mentioned in the prescription. Consume the drug well before an hour you go for foreplay.

How does Alvitra 60 Mg work?

To cure Erectile Dysfunction Alvitra 60 Mg focuses on the blood supply in the penile region. For the penis to become erect good blood supply is the basic criterion, without which proper expansion of blood vessels of the penis does not take place.

Hence, regaining erection can happen only when blood supply is also restored. Therefore, to allow fluent movement of blood in the penile region Alvitra 60 Mg lowers blood pressure, removes tension from pelvic muscles, and enhances the elasticity of erectile tissues.


Prescription is the ultimate document to which one should refer while looking for dosage. Dosage is a delicate parameter; a small change can give elevation to different results.

You should take the dosage that’s given in your prescription. Never copy someone else’s dosage because that is suitable for him, not you.

How long Alvitra 60 Mg shall be continued

The dosage of Alvitra 60 Mg shall be continued for the duration given in the prescription. Often doctors extend the dosage for a few more days after completion of dosage.

Missed a dose of Alvitra 60 Mg

When one misses a dose of Alvitra 60 Mg one should skip the dose on that day. The next dose is to be consumed on the next day.

But make sure that you do not take the excess dose on the next day because some people take an excess dose to compensate for the missed dose. Such actions must be discouraged as they cause side effects.


  • With Tadalafil & Udenafil


  • With Riociguat


When not to take Alvitra 60 Mg

One must not take the drug if the patient is allergic to Alvitra 60 Mg. The doctor will most probably prescribe some other drug.

If the person has undergone surgery recently, one should avoid taking Alvitra 60 Mg.

One should not take the drug if the patient is already consuming some other ED drug. Taking two ED pills simultaneously is an overdose that may invite side effects.

Side Effects

  • Dizziness

Fainting, lack of engagement, dizziness, and sleepiness is common side effect.

  • Itching

Itching, inflammation, and allergies are common side effects.

Overdose Effects of Alvitra 60 Mg

When you overdose Alvitra 60 Mg you have committed a violation in the first place of going against the prescription. Therefore, you cannot expect positive results out of overdose, it’s always the side effects. Be aware of the side effects because some of them are life-threatening such as a change in behavior, loss of vision, or even coma.

Precaution & Warning

The doctor will make changes to the prescription on his/her will. Patients should never alter the prescription on their own.

After consuming the drug do not go driving or indulge in any activity that requires a high level of technical skills and concentration.

Do not take any heavy meals after consuming pills of Alvitra 60 Mg. The drug becomes less effective in such cases.

To avoid any reactions, tell the doctor about any other drug which you are taking. The doctor may decide whether to continue taking the other drug or not.

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