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Avana 50 Mg


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Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd


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50 Mg

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6 To 15 days

Avana 50 mg tablet is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which is also called impotence in men. Erectile dysfunction is a condition where a man is unable to achieve and maintain a penile erection adequate enough for sexual intercourse. Buy Avana 50 from Safepills4ed.

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What Is Avana 50 Mg?

About Avana 50 Mg

Avana 50 Mg is the pill that can revive the dull phase in your sex life. The drug fights Erectile Dysfunction or ED to provide men with a hard penis to enjoy sexual pleasure.

Due to mismanaged lifestyle and various disorders getting a hard penis is difficult. This creates a problem when indulging in sexual relationships for men. The female in the relationship is dissatisfied and the man is embarrassed in the guilt that he is unable to satisfy his partner.

Often such situations get extreme and lead to divorce or even extramarital affairs where women look for sexual satisfaction elsewhere. But there is a way you can avoid all this, use Avana 50 Mg under the supervision of the doctor.

Manufacturer of Avana 50 Mg

Avana 50 Mg is manufactured by one of the leading manufacturers of medicines in India. It is none other than Sunrise Remedies. Established in 1996 in the Indian state of Gujarat the foundation of Sunrise Remedies was laid.

With sheer determination and hard work, it has evolved as one of the biggest suppliers of medicines across the globe. It contributes a large chunk of the total pharmaceutical exports from India amounting to billions of dollars.

Its products contain medicines of every category and sub-category such as antidepressants, sexual wellness, contraceptives, painkillers, antipyretics, antiseptics, analgesics, etc.

Strength and Dosage of Avana 50 Mg

A tablet works most effectively. The strength and dosage determine how the drug works inside the body. Someone might need 50 Mg of Avana whereas someone else might need 100 Mg of Avana. It is the doctor who uses his/her medical expertise to prescribe the best possible strength and dosage for us. Therefore, one should only read the prescription for strength and dosage.


Avana 50 Mg is easily available in Safepills4ed medical store. You can also get Avana 50 Mg delivered to your doorstep by ordering through online websites.

Use of Avana 50 Mg

The main ingredient of Avana 50 Mg is Avanafil which constitutes more than 90% of the drug, the rest are preservatives and catalysts.

The primary use of the pill is in curing Erectile Dysfunction, a disorder in males which makes them incapable of achieving a long-lasting penile erection.

Avana 50 Mg functions to overcome this problem and provide erection for more than 5 hours by supplying enough blood in the penile region.

How to take Avana 50 Mg?

Avana 50 Mg is just another drug like hundreds of others which are taken with a glass of water.

The drug must be consumed by following all the precautions as provided in the prescription.

Take the medicine an hour or 30 minutes before sexual arousal or seduction. The drug takes time to get dissolved in the bloodstream and get activated.

How does Avana 50 Mg work?

Avana 50 Mg ensures sufficient penile erection to enhance sexual pleasure. But there are a lot of processes that go behind making the penis erect. For erection, the basic requirement is the proper supply of blood in the penis at the time of sexual stimulation.

But during ED, blood is supplied in very little amount in the blood vessels of the penis. This may happen due to hypertension, obesity, diabetes, anxiety, mental disorders, and other reasons.

Thus, when less blood finds its way into the penis, proper expansion of blood vessels does not occur. This leads to a reduced erection which we call Erectile Dysfunction.

Now, for the solution of it when Avana 50 Mg is consumed, it creates an atmosphere for the blood to enter freely in the penis. This is done by reducing the blood pressure, making erectile tissues more elastic, and easing contractions in pelvic muscles.


The dosage of Avana 50 is already mentioned in the prescription. So, it must not lead to any confusion. But if still, you have any doubts get it clarified by the respective doctor.

How long Avana 50 Mg shall be continued

The exact duration of the drug is mentioned in the prescription and one should refer to it. The decision to change the duration of the dosage rests with the doctor.

Missed a dose of Avana 50 Mg

Missing a dose of Avana 50 Mg is not harmful but it surely breaks the rhythm of the drug. The first thing you should do is to see if the time for the next dose is nearby. If yes, then skip today’s dose and wait for the next dose. Do not take extra pills in the next dose.


  • With Tadalafil & Vardenafil


  • With Riociguat


When not to take Avana 50 Mg

One should not take Avana 50 Mg if he is allergic to the drug. Most probably the doctor will prescribe you another drug.

Do not take Avana 50 Mg if the doctor has still not prescribed the drug. Never take Avana 50 Mg of your own will, it may harm you.

Side Effects

  • Urination issues

Patients may face the problem of a painful urination.

  • Swelling

Swelling is observed in scattered forms in various regions of the body.

Overdose Effects of Avana 50 Mg

As discussed earlier one should take the exact strength and dosage given in the prescription. Hence, overdose goes against those rules and therefore doers must pay a price. In case of overdose, the price is enduring side effects. To minimize the damage caused due to side effects the patient must be taken to the doctor immediately.

Precaution & Warning

The doctor should be the first to be consulted in any matters relating to the drug.

Strictly follow the strength and dosage in the prescription-only. Do not change any part of the prescription without consulting the doctor.

Do check the authorization of the online site or medical store from where you are purchasing the drug. Mostly in cases of online sites, customers are scammed by delivering fake drugs.

If side effects are experienced, rush to the doctor immediately.

The doctor must be informed about the medication of any other drug currently.

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