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Caverta 100 Mg


Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate


Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd


4 Tablets in Strip


100 Mg

Delivery Time:

6 To 15 days

Caverta 100 Mg is a higher dosage of Caverta. Caverta 100mg (Sildenafil) is used to treat erectile dysfunction (importance) in men and help to improve sexual activity. Buy Caverta 100mg from Safepills4ed with Free Shipping.

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What is Caverta 100 Mg?

Caverta 100 Mg is the brand of pills that is ideally made to suit patients who have this failed penis disorder. The problem with the disorder is that such patients do not get a penis erection easily. For them getting a hard erection can seem very difficult as the disorder occurs due to varieties of physical or psychological problems. It is a pill brand that sorts this disorder and allows these bunch of men to have an erection easily.

About Caverta 100 Mg

The problem that you have when you suffer from ED is not being able to get a hard penis erection. For a person suffering from ED his, sexual life may right now be in tatters with utter disappointment in not being able to enjoy and lead a proper sexually blissful life.

The biggest benefit of using the Caverta 100 Mg is that men suffering from this disorder can bring back penis erections and hardness.

Manufacturer of Caverta 100 Mg

Sun Pharmaceuticals is one of the largest companies not within India which is its home country but also around the world. It has patented the formulation of the pills and the dose to its name. The manufacturing brand of pills provides several categories of pills that provide cures to several types of problems some of which are general while others are gender-specific such as ED.

Strength and Dosage of Caverta 100 Mg

Caverta 100 Mg dose is simple to understand and follow. Generally when you have ED and if you wish to avail the use of the pills then you have the visit the doctors and get a recommendation from them to use. Doctors are all of the same views that a daily dose should be prescribed to the patients. Within this dose of Caverta 100mg, you get the standard dose of generic substance Sildenafil which is also fixated at 100mg.

This means that the dose of generic Sildenafil is at par with the number mentioned post the pill brand name.


To avail of the pills, you will need the fix your buying preferences which can either be online or offline. For buying the drugs online you can order the pills from Safepills4ed online pharmacy shop. On the other hand, those preferring to buy the pills in the offline mode need to head to the nearest medicine retailers to see if they have stock of the pills.

In the online mode, you need to upload the doctor’s prescription, or else in the offline mode you can take the doctor’s prescription with you.

Use of Caverta 100 Mg

The use of Caverta 100 Mg is restricted to solving the purposes of getting a hard erection only. The single-purpose drug Caverta 100 Mg provides a good efficacy when you are using it to curb ED. The use is possibly restricted to within ED patients only as those who are not suffering from ED may get side effects.

How to take Caverta 100 Mg?

The simple method for taking a pill of Caverta 100 Mg is to swallow the drug entirely as a whole substance. Do not look for other forms of intake such as by crushing the pills to make a powder out of it break the pills in half or chewing the pills. Doing so may reduce the efficacy of the pills.

How does Caverta 100 Mg work?

Caverta 100 Mg actions include providing you with vasodilation actions. This occurs secondarily. Initially, the effects of the drug will necessitate the stoppage of secretion of PDE-5 hormones. The dilation of the renal arteries takes place under the effects of nitric oxide.

As for the time you need to fix a time when you are free to take the pills. The actions of the pills will last a definitive time of 6 hours so manage the intake time effectively such that the pill is in an active stage when you head to bed with your partner for having sex. Remember that the effects begin after a time gap of around 30 minutes.


The dose of Caverta 100 Mg is best done at once during the entire day. Even if you feel tempted to take the second pill do not do so for there is a risk of side effects.

How long Caverta 100 Mg shall be continued

Continue having the dose of Caverta 100 Mg as long as the doctors feel you are safe with no long-term effects of the dose creeping in and no long-term negative impacts on your health. Even then you need not take a pill for a time exceeding more than two years.

Missed a dose of Caverta 100 Mg

With a missed dose past your scheduled time, it is quite logical that the effects of Sildenafil will have died down way earlier. And this means that you will not be able to have erectile dysfunction anymore.


It is better said that sometimes the use of a few substances doesn’t go in pretty well with the use of Caverta 100 Mg. Some of the non-medicinal substances include items like alcohol and grape juice. While the list of medicine substances includes all alpha-blocker type pills and all nitrate-containing compound pills.

When not to take Caverta 100 Mg

There are mostly two situations when the doctors disallow you to use the Caverta 100mg pills. This will include cases when you have general allergic tendencies or when you are suffering from a severe nature variant of side effects.

Side Effects

As you have guessed by now the most common instance of side effects occurring is when you take an overdose. If you have taken the doctor’s prescribed dose and are still suffering from side effects then you need not worry as mostly the side effects is for the time being and will eventually die down as your body adjusts to the dose.

  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Chest pain
  • Nausea
  • Priapism
  • Fall of blood pressure

Overdose Effects of Caverta 100 Mg

Overdose as we mentioned above will lead to side effects. The more the overdose the more vigorous the side effects will be.

Precaution & Warning

Generally, we recommend avoiding doses or taking an overdose. You also need to avoid intake of any contraindication substances.

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