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Filagra FXT Plus


Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate/Fluoxetine


Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.


10 tablets in 1 strip


100 Mg + 60 Mg

Delivery Time:

6 To 15 days

Filagra FXT Plus Sildenafil 100 mg and Fluoxetine 60 mg are outstanding formulas made for curing sexual troubles in men. The medicament is available in a conventional pill which should be consumed as a whole without breaking or chewing the form.


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What Is Filagra FXT Plus

About Filagra FXT Plus

Filagra FXT Plus is the best solution for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) in men. Due to its action against ED, it is also referred to as a counter-ED drug. ED is the condition in which failure to obtain the required penile erection. For sexual intercourse, we all know how important is the erection of the penis. Hence, lack of erection disappoints both the male and female on the bed. The female gets frustrated because she was super excited and stimulated waiting to experience an orgasm. But improper erection ruined all her plans as you finished within a few minutes.

For a man, his masculinity comes at stake when he is unable to satisfy his woman. ED today is not limited to any country or region, it has evolved as a universal problem. So, if you are also facing the problem of insufficient erection grab this opportunity to regain your sexual strength with Filagra FXT Plus.

Manufacturer of Filagra FXT Plus

Fortune Healthcare manufactures Filagra FXT Plus for its customers across. The drugmaker has been in the business for almost two decades when it began its operations in 2001. Initially, Fortune Healthcare was just a small-time supplier to big pharmaceutical firms. But today the brand has become one of the largest makers of drugs in the world. Its product list contains almost all types of allopathic drugs and medical equipment. Some of its products include drugs for heart disorders, kidney disorders, liver ailments, mental illness, sexual problems, abortion pills, inhalers for asthma patients, etc.

The drug owing to its efficient supply chain department is successful in operating in more than 30 countries. Its exports lifesaving drugs to some of the developed nations like the USA, UK, France, Germany, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, etc.

Strength and Dosage of Filagra FXT Plus

Filagra FXT Plus 160mg works differently when taken in different strengths and dosages. This is the reason the strength and dosage are unique for each patient. Your strength and dosage are suitable for your body but it may be ineffective for another ED patient. Therefore, never take any other strength and dosage than mentioned in the prescription. Filagra FXT Plus has a total strength of 160 Mg out of which 100mg is constituted by Sildenafil Citrate and 60mg is Fluoxetine.


Filagra FXT Plus can be easily purchased from Safepills4ed medical shop owing to its high demand.

Use of Filagra FXT Plus

Sildenafil Citrate 100mg is the active ingredient of Filagra FXT Plus while Fluoxetine 60mg is the second most abundant active component of the drug.

The main purpose of consuming Filagra FXT Plus is to overcome Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It is the situation where the penis does not attain the required erection. This causes difficulty in sexual intercourse thus, hindering the experience of orgasm. Proper use of Filagra FXT Plus under the supervision of a doctor helps in achieving a rock-solid erection that lasts for 4 to 5 hours.

How to take Filagra FXT Plus?

Filagra FXT Plus is not a chewable pill. Hence, the procedure of intake is by swallowing the drug with water.

Do not take heavy meals or high-calorie foods before taking the pill.

Swallow the pill only with water and no other liquid. Drinks like alcoholic beverages, fruit juice, cold drinks, etc can result in serious side effects when taken with the drug.

How does Filagra FXT Plus work?

Filagra FXT Plus aims to provide sufficient erection to men who are victims of Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The erection of the penis depends on just one thing, blood supply. When a man is subjected to sexual stimulations blood gushes in the blood vessels of the penis to cause an erection. But in ED the path of blood is obstructed due to which the penis is deficient in blood. This directly affects the quality of an erection and its lasting. When Filagra FXT Plus dissolves in the bloodstream, blood pressure is normalized, pelvic muscles are relaxed and erectile tissues are softened. These changes facilitate the movement of blood in the penile region leading to a hard penis.


For dosage, one must refer to the prescription because the doctor has given the best dosage that is suitable for you. If you are not satisfied with the popular dosage, consult with the doctor about your problem. He/she may change the dosage whenever he/she wants.

How long Filagra FXT Plus shall be continued

Like dosage, the number of days for which you need to take the dosage is also given in the prescription. It is under the authority of the doctor to alter the duration given in the prescription.

Missed a dose of Filagra FXT Plus

When you miss the dose, follow some steps to prevent any side effects. Though missing the dose is not dangerous for health but if proper instructions are not followed then unfortunate events may occur.

Skip the dose for the day on which you missed the dose.

Should be taken on the next day as per the prescription.


  • With Vardenafil


  • With Ketoconazole


When not to take Filagra FXT Plus

If you are found allergic to Filagra FXT Plus. The doctor may change your drug in such cases.

If you are already a consumer of another ED pill. One must never take multiple ED drugs at the same time.

Side Effects

  • Mental turmoil

Patients may suffer from mental disbalance, tension, worries, and anxiety.

  • Swollen skin

The skin may get swollen in various parts of the body.

Overdose Effects of Filagra FXT Plus

Overdose of Filagra FXT Plus results in side effects, some of which are extremely fatal and may put your life at risk. Some of the above side effects are extremely low blood pressure, less pulse rate, poor eyesight, improper speech, problem in hearing, slow heartbeat, fainting, and even coma.

Precaution & Warning

Never overlook the instructions given in the prescription.

Consult the doctor if you want the extension of dosage or any changes to the prescription.

For elderly patients take special precautions for heart, liver, and kidney.

Choose a certified seller for original and branded drugs.

Complain to the doctor if you experience any side effects.

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