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Kamagra 50 Mg

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Ajanta Pharma Ltd.


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50 Mg

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Kamagra 50 mg tablet relaxes the smooth muscles present in the wall of blood vessels and helps in increasing the flow of blood to the penis. It works well when the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction is physical, psychological, or both.

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What Is Kamagra 50 mg?

About Kamagra 50 mg

Kamagra contains 50 mg of Sildenafil known as Kamagra 50 which has enough potential to cure men of erectile dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension.

When the question arises that are you able to satisfy your woman? People start checking their bank balance and answer of course. This is the main mistake behind the suffering of the male community. People always equate satisfaction with materialistic possession and this is where the mistake is. Satisfaction also means the sexual pleasure obtained due to orgasm.

This is the reason such men fail while proving their manliness on the bed. But no more embarrassment because Kamagra 50 mg is there to make your night memorable with your partner.

Manufacturer of Kamagra 50 mg

The makers of Kamagra 50 mg have done a commendable range in creating a drug that cures Erectile Dysfunction or ED. The name associated with Kamagra 50 mg gives a sense of trust in the minds of patients and doctors.

This is because no one wants to consume the products of an unknown brand. But with Kamagra 50 mg you can take the pills with no worries. Ajanta Pharma Ltd is an established brand in the medical industry that has a wide range of treatments such as antipyretics, analgesics, antidepressants, abortion pills, and many others.

Strength and Dosage of Kamagra 50 mg

Kamagra 50 mg is a quite popular drug because the disorder ED is also very much popular across the globe. But not everyone needs the dose of 50mg of the drug. Dosage varies from patient to patient therefore various strengths of Kamagra are available in the market.

50 mg and 100 mg are available in the market. Make sure you get the perfect dosage from an authorized doctor.


The drug, Kamagra 50 mg is one of the easiest available drugs on the market. No need to look for a shop to shop because just give the prescription and get the drug. The demand for Kamagra 50 mg is always there in the market because ED is widely spread and no one is going to stop having sex.

Use of Kamagra 50 mg

The main use of Kamagra 50 mg is to counter ED and defeat it at every front. The correct intake of Kamagra 50 mg under the consultation of the doctor can eradicate ED from its roots as well.

The magic lies in Kamagra 50 mg that it makes a non-erect penis into erect for straight 5 to 6 hours. Getting rid of ED also restores the confidence and self-esteem of the victim because an ED patient has to face backlashes from society as well.

How to take Kamagra 50 mg?

The drug should be taken under the consultation of the doctor only. Do not take the drug if you have not tested for Erectile Dysfunction.

Only swallow the drug with a glass of water, do not chew or disintegrate the pills into multiple pieces.

The drug should be taken with only water and nothing else. Using other solvents such as fruit juice, cold drinks can initiate an adverse chain of reactions.

How does Kamagra 50 mg work?

Penis erects due to one simple reason. When a man is a sexually excited blood rushes in the blood vessels of the penis. This flow of blood in the penis is the reason for an erect penis. But due to some critical conditions such as smoking, excessive intake of alcohol, depression, hypertension, etc. blood circulation is hampered.

This results in the penis and other organs becoming devoid of blood. And when there is no flow of blood in the penis, the erection is also negligible. To counter this situation when Kamagra 50 enters the body it maintains a healthy flow of blood in the penile region. This is done by suppressing the blood pressure and smoothening of erectile tissues.


The dose of Kamagra 50 mg cannot be decided by just anyone. It needs the expertise and the knowledge which only the doctor has. Therefore, it is advised to strictly follow the dosage that is given in the prescription. The average dose is given in less than 100 mg per day for a normal patient.

If you are not satisfied with the current dose, then consult the matter with the doctor but do not decide the dose by yourself.

How long Kamagra 50 mg shall be continued

The timing is to be decided by the doctor only as in the case of dosage. These are sensitive topics therefore they are fully under the control of the doctor. The exact and suitable time for you is given in the prescription itself. Hence, in case of any confusion refer to the prescription or consult the doctor.

Missed a dose of Kamagra 50 mg

You may be busy with work or studies and being engrossed in it you forgot to take your dose for Kamagra 50 mg. Will it affect our bodies? No. It will not cause any side effects but will surely reduce the impact of the drug on the disorder.

Make sure these actions are not repeated.

On that day do not take any more doses, let the day pass. Take the next pill on the next day as per the prescription.


  • With Nitro-glycerin

Can be hazardous and most of the time it is. This is the reason doctors shy from prescribing Kamagra 50mg to consumers of nitroglycerin.

  • With Tadalafil

Tadalafil is another ED treating compound. Using both Sildenafil Citrate and Tadalafil at the same time will result in serious consequences such as heart failure or coma.

When not to take Kamagra 50mg

If you are not sure about the side effects of the drug.

If you are facing non-erection only for a few days because this does not confirm your situation to be Erectile Dysfunction. The person may get a non-erect penis due to several reasons such as no mood for sex, stress, etc.

If you are facing side effects of other disorders currently.

If you are tested and found to have been allergic to Sildenafil Citrate.

Side Effects

  • Urinary tract inflammation

People have been diagnosed with urinary tract inflammation due to intake of the drug without any consultation.

  • Swelling

Often swelling skin occurs in the mouth, causing ulcers.

  • Numbness

The person may feel a lack of sensation on a certain body for some time.

Overdose Effects of Kamagra 50 mg

As side effects of Kamagra 50 mg, there are special side effects that only occur if the drug is taken in excess amounts than prescribed in the prescription.

A few of the side effects are low blood pressure, coma and heart failure, etc.

Precaution & Warning

ED has been the cause of several divorce amount couple’s. Therefore, try not to take sexual performance for granted all the time.

Those who have high sugar levels and high blood pressure should be under red alert for high chances of side effects.

Do not fall for scammers online, who are luring for medicines in the name of branded ones.

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