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Megalis 20 Mg

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Macleods Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd


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20 Mg

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Megalis 20 mg is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which is also called impotence in men. Erectile dysfunction is a condition where a man is unable to achieve and maintain a penile erection adequate enough for sexual intercourse.

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What Is Megalis 20 Mg?

About Megalis 20 Mg

For men unable to satisfy their wives, it is an embarrassing moment that puts a question on ourselves. As partners, we must be capable of fulfilling both the material and sexual needs of each other. If men are unable to obtain an erect penis women have to compromise their intimate desires. When such instances become common such women either break away from the relationship or indulge in an extramarital affair for satisfaction. Couples must address this problem together instead of hiding it under the carpet. If you are looking for ways to cure ED, the most trusted way is to take Megalis 20 Mg.

Megalis 20 Mg includes an effective element is Tadalafil. The drug is regularly prescribed by doctors during ED due to its safety parameters and efficacy. If taken as per the instructions in prescription Megalis 20 Mg will surely eradicate ED.

Manufacturer of Megalis 20 Mg

Macleods Pharmaceuticals is the drugmaker of Megalis 20 Mg responsible for the production, packaging, and distribution of the drug. Its vast presence in more than 30 countries overseas makes it a worldwide player of drugs. Its product list constitutes drugs of every category and need. From drugs for a simple fever to cardiac ailments, Macleods Pharmaceutical produces most of the allopathic drugs.

With its upgraded machinery and advanced technicians, it stands out from the crowd when innovation is concerned. The products satisfy every safety criterion of tablet regulating agencies of various countries. Hence, if the drug is of Macleods Pharmaceuticals, you must not worry about its safety.

Strength and Dosage of Megalis 20 Mg

The strength and dosage of any drug is the crux on which it functions. Not everyone needs to take 20 mg of the drug. Some patients have been prescribed 20 Mg while some are prescribed 10 Mg pill. A doctor uses his expertise to find the exact strength and dosage most effective for you. In case you want to change strength and dosage, you must refer to the doctor.


Megalis 20 Mg is generally available in Safepills4ed pharmaceutical store. ED patients are increasing therefore shopkeepers keep Megalis 20 Mg in stock always. If you don’t wanna step outside Order Megalis 20 Mg through the online website Safepills4ed and get them delivered.

Use of Megalis 20 Mg

The major purpose of taking Megalis 20 Mg is to overcome Erectile Dysfunction or ED. On taking Megalis 20 Mg erection is guaranteed for 4 to 5 hours easily. The drug allows swift movement of blood in the penile region causing the much-needed erection.

How to take Megalis 20 Mg?

Taking Megalis 20 Mg is a very easy job with no extraordinary method. Tear the wrapper and swallow the pill with a glass of water, that’s it.

One should consume only water and no other drink along with the pill. Alcohol and carbonated drinks tend to reduce the effectiveness of the drug.

Never chew, disintegrate or break the pill as it is not recommended by the doctor and Megalis 20 Mg is not a chewable drug.

If you are taking any supplement or drug for any other disorder, ask the doctor before taking them Megalis 20 Mg.

How does Megalis 20 Mg work?

Megalis 20 Mg cures Erectile Dysfunction by providing a hard penis that lasts for 6 to 7 hours. Such long duration of erection is provided by adjusting a few changes in the body. If a sufficient amount of blood does not enter the penis, a proper erection does not occur. One can overcome ED only when the penis again receives a huge influx of blood. Megalis 20 Mg makes it happen by reducing blood pressure, smoothening tissues in the penile region and easing contractions in pelvic muscles.


Refer to the prescription for dosage. Do not take dosages on your own as it may lead to fatal side effects.

How long Megalis 20 Mg shall be continued

Follow the prescription and take the drug for the number of days mentioned. If you are not satisfied with the results after completing the dose do not extend the duration of the dose on your own, let the doctor decide.

Missed a dose of Megalis 20 Mg

When missed a dose of Megalis 20 Mg do not panic. Skip the dose and take the tablet on the following day. But do not double dose the drug, patients usually take double pills on the next day to compensate for the missed one.


  • With Sildenafil & Vardenafil


  • With Riociguat


When not to take Megalis 20 Mg

Do not take the drug if you are under the medication of another ED drug. Take any one ED drug at a time. Using both can result in an overdose which causes harmful side effects.

If you are questioned to be allergic to Megalis 20 Mg. The doctor will most probably ask you to change the drug because your body is not suited to it.

Side Effects

  • Urination complications

Patients complain of pain during urination.

  • Itching

Patients complain of itching feeling in some parts of the body.

Overdose Effects of Megalis 20 Mg

Overdose of Megalis 20 Mg results in side effects that turn deadly within moments. Excess doses are taken by patients out of misinformation and belief that taking an excess dose will cure the disorder faster. But what happens is exactly the opposite, he becomes afflicted with much more dangerous side effects. The patient must be hurried to the doctor if overdosed.

Precaution & Warning

Purchase the drug from shops and websites that are approved by agencies.

If you experience any side effects, be it minor or major, report to the doctor immediately.

Follow the directions given in the prescription without any limitations.

Do not take any decision regarding strength and dosage without consulting the doctor. You will land yourself in deep trouble.

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