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Sildalist 140 Mg

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Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


6 tablets in 1 strip


100 Mg + 40 Mg

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6 To 15 days

Sildalist 140 mg comprises two active components. The medication consists of Tadalafil 40mg and Sildenafil 100mg. It assists in curing poor erection patterns. The positive aspect is that the effect of this drug lasts for several hours. It helps in curing blood circulation to a great extent.

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What Is Sildalist 140 Mg

About Sildalist 140 Mg

Sildalist 140 Mg is one of the most popular drugs for curing Erectile Dysfunction. The disorder is very soon becoming a pandemic among males. ED affects men of every region, color, race, and caste equally. ED is caused due to our own mistakes regarding health concerns. Regular things in our life when gets out of control results in devastating outcomes such as ED. From its definition, ED is a medical condition that causes irregularity in the erection. The erection is either scarce or its duration is too little. This happens due to disturbed blood supply in the penile region. For an Erectile Dysfunction patient, there are various pills available on the market to try. But not all of them are trustworthy, if you don’t be careful and alert you may land up consuming fake pills.

In the crowd of generic and unauthorized pills, Sildalist 140 Mg is one of the few branded products that have successfully cured numerous ED patients across the world. Know more buy Sildalist 140 Mg online

Manufacturer of Sildalist 140 Mg

Centurion Laboratories manufactures Sildalist 140 Mg in the Indian state of Gujarat. The brand is more than a decade old with enough experience in making life-saving drugs. Its products contain drugs that cure cardiac disorders, mental disorders, liver, kidney and antibiotics, health supplements, etc. The brand has a great influence on patients and doctors in the drug industry. People are already familiar with products of known manufacturers thus it gets easily accepted by them. Centurion Laboratories is a worldwide known brand with its products reaching more than 30 countries. So, if any of your acquaintances or you are abroad. No need to worry as you can easily get Sildalist 140 Mg in the respective country.

Strength and Dosage of Sildalist 140 Mg

The strength and dosage of any drug is an important factor that decides the reactivity of the drug. For the drug to function in a manner that cures a disorder, it needs to be taken in specific strength and dosage. For the same disorder, different patients may be prescribed variable dosages and strengths. In this case, Sildalist 140 Mg has a strength of 140 Mg. Not everyone may need to consume 140 Mg. So, follow your specific prescription by the doctor. The decision to make changes to the prescription rests with the doctor only.


The availability of the drug shows its demand in the public. And we all know how crazy the cases of ED are rising. This crisis of erection is generating the demand for pills that are needed to cure ED. Thus, Sildalist 140 Mg is always present in medical stores and online medical stores. This is profitable for the company as well as for the customers because they need to worry about getting medicines.

Use of Sildalist 140 Mg

The drug Sildalist 140 Mg is used to treat Erectile Dysfunction, a situation where men suffer from a lack of erection. It makes them incapable of satisfying their female partner which then infuses tension in the relationship.

Sildalist 140 Mg overcomes ED by tackling the problems that arise while blood flows in blood vessels of the penis. The main ingredient of the drug is Sildenafil Citrate which comprises 100 Mg out of 140 Mg and Tadalafil comprises the rest 40 Mg. Click here

How to take Sildalist 140 Mg?

Sildalist 140Mg is a non-chewable drug which means it must be consumed without any chewing or biting.

The drug must be taken 30 to 40 minutes before the sexual intercourse to avoid any timely problems. Remember the drug will only work if the person is sexually excited.

Never go for any other liquid except water. Many people have the desire of taking the drug with alcoholic beverages and carbonated drinks. Such acts result in fatal side effects and slow down the reactivity of the drug.

How does Sildalist 140 Mg work?

Sildalist 140Mg works on the principle of solving the basic problem of ED. If you look for the reasons that lead to ED, you would be amazed to find out your daily habits in the list. Smoking, alcohol consumption, insufficient sleep, mental illness, obesity, diabetes, high stress levels, high blood pressure, hypertension, low sex drive, etc are some of the known causes of ED. But all of these reasons have one common thing which makes them the cause of ED. These disorders or medical conditions obstruct the path of blood while reaching the blood vessels of the penis. The penis becomes erect only when blood gushes into its blood vessels and expanding them to cause the erection.

When Sildalist 140 Mg dissolves in the bloodstream, blood pressure is lowered, muscles in and around the penis are smoothed and pelvic muscles are relaxed. This allows for swift movement of blood in and out of the penis. Thus, facilitating rock solid erection perfect for enhanced sexual pleasure.


The dosage is a delicate parameter of a drug and is distinct for each patient. Two patients in ED may be given separate dosages. It depends on a lot of factors like allergies, food habits, immune system, chronic disorders, any existing disorder, etc. Thus, always follow your dosage in the prescription. Consult with the doctor if you want to any changes to the dosage.

How long Sildalist 140 Mg shall be continued

The duration of the drug is already mentioned in the prescription. Like dosage, the prescription is also specific for the patient. For extension of the dosage, consult the doctor.

Missed a dose of Sildalist 140 Mg

Missing the dose is often ignored because it does not cause any side effects. But frequently missing the dose can affect the efficiency of the drug.

Skip the dose of Sildalist 140Mg on the day when you missed the dose. If you had any health supplements to take, miss even that for one day.

Do not perform any such acts, they can be injurious to health.


  • With Vardenafil

Extremely Dangerous.

  • With Fluoxetine

Extremely Dangerous.

When not to take Sildalist 140 Mg

If your body is allergic to Sildalist 140 Mg. Change the drug in such cases.

If you are suffering from side effects after taking the drug for few days.

Side Effects

  • Anxiety

The person may experience anxiety coupled with hypertension and hallucination about events.

  • Ulcers

Mouth ulcers may cause inconvenience.

Overdose Effects of Sildalist 140 Mg

Overdose is often associated with rumors and misinformation. People believe that taking excess pills will cure the problem faster. This does not happen, rather it makes you vulnerable to side effects such as low sex drive, lack of sensation, miscoordination between brain and organs, and even coma.

Precaution & Warning

Follow every instruction given in the prescription.

If you are taking any drug currently, tell the doctor about it.

Verify the seller before you decide to purchase the pills from it.

In case of any problem, reach the doctor at first. Do not think of any talks and fake reports.

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