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Tastylia 20 Mg ODS

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Active Ingredient (Generic Name):



Healing Pharma, India


1 strips in 1 pack


20 Mg

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6 To 15 days

Tastylia 20 mg is an oral strip for treating erectile dysfunction. Tastylia Strips depend on the Tastylia 20 mg, the dynamic part that gives the 36 hours impact. Tastylia 20 mg for getting back your manpower. Tastylia 20 mg gives an oral organization course and quick assimilation.

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What Is Tastylia 20 Mg?

About Tastylia 20 Mg

Tastylia 20 Mg helps you satisfy your woman with an erect penis that lasts for 6 to 7 hours. Due to some problems like diabetes, high cholesterol, stress, mental illness, or lack of interest getting an erection naturally becomes impossible. So, men look for solutions, where Tastylia 20 Mg appears as the first choice of doctors and earlier ED victims. It is a counter-ED drug due to its action against ED. Expect a thrilling experience in bed with your partner if you have taken Tastylia 20 Mg under the supervision of a doctor.

Manufacturer of Tastylia 20 Mg

Healing Pharma is the maker and distributor of Tastylia 20 Mg. The manufacturer plays a big role in the medical industry because an established brand already has the trust of patients and doctors because they have earlier used its products. Healing Pharma too has an excellent presence not only in India but in countries across the globe. This shows the safety and high efficacy of the drugs that pass every safety parameter of regulating agencies of various countries. Healing Pharma has a long list of products such as anti-cancer, antibiotics, sexual stimulants, anti-allergen, etc.

Strength and Dosage of Tastylia 20 Mg

For a drug, strength and dosage are basic parameters that determine the way the drug is going to react in your body. If you take the strength and dosage given in the prescription it is the best and safest option. Taking less strength will give you half-baked results and taking higher strength will lead to overdose.


Tastylia 20 Mg is easily purchasable from the Safepills4ed online site. Its high demand forces the shop owners to store full stock of the drug.

Use of Tastylia 20 Mg

Tastylia 20 Mg (Tadalafil) is the solution to a global male problem, Erectile Dysfunction or ED. The drug works to bring back the hardness of the penis by solving the problem of less blood flow in the penis. Click here

How to take Tastylia 20 Mg?

Taking Tastylia 20 Mg is nothing special rather identical to many ED drugs.

Take the tablet in strength and dosage as per the prescription. Never do anything which violates any rules of the prescription.

The drug is not a chewable pill, therefore, do not break, crush or disintegrate the pill but swallow it.

One should only use water with Tastylia 20 Mg. Other drinks like alcohol, coffee, fruit juice, or soda water reduce the effectiveness of the drug.

How does Tastylia 20 Mg work?

Tastylia 20 Mg is a drug taken to overcome the lack of penile erection and achieve a long-lasting erection. The basic cause of a penis not getting erect is its poor blood supply. If the blood supply is not enough to expand the blood vessels of the penis for long durations, then the erection fades away in a few minutes. Tastylia 20 Mg on the other hand assures 4 to 5 hours of rock-solid erection. For this to happen, Tastylia 20 Mg ensures a heavy supply of blood in the penile region most of the time.


The most appropriate dosage of the pill is given in the prescription. The doctor has expertise in the field with which he prescribes the most suitable dosage for you. Hence, do not take less or more doses than prescribed. In situations of changing the dosage, the decision of the doctor must prevail.

How long Tastylia 20 Mg shall be continued

Refer to the prescription-only for checking the duration of the dose. Like dosage, it is also a variable parameter. If your medication is over but you want to extend it, ask the doctor.

Missed a dose of Tastylia 20 Mg

Missing the dose of Tastylia 20 Mg Tablet is non-harmful because it does not cause any side effects. But does not indicate that you should miss a dose now and then.

Whenever you miss a dose of Tastylia 20 Mg Tablet, take the drug immediately after you are recalled of it. But check whether the time for the next dose is very close. If yes, do not take the current dose rather skip it.

Take the next dose directly but remember not to take extra pills in the next dose.


  • With Sildenafil and Vardenafil


  • With Cabergoline


When not to take Tastylia 20 Mg

One should not take Tastylia 20 Mg if he is found allergic to the drug.

When you are taking doses of some other ED pill. One should never consume multiple ED drugs together; it may cause harmful side effects.

Do not take Tastylia 20 Mg if the seal of the drug is broken. Replace the drug and get a new one from the medical shop.

Side Effects

  • Urinary tract infection

In rare cases, Urinary tract disease becomes a chance. To prevent it, inform the doctor if you feel pain while urinating.

  • Swelling

Swelling of gums and in various parts of the body is observed.

Overdose Effects of Tastylia 20 Mg

Overdose is the situation when the person takes a dose in excess amounts. Overdose breaks the rules in the prescription which puts the patient in the frontline of side effects. The main reason for overdosing on Tastylia 20 Mg is the belief that the disorder will be cured in less time.

Precaution & Warning

One must follow every line written in the prescription with no missing. Talking about changing the strength or dosage, only the doctor can do so.

Treating side effects comes under the jurisdiction of the doctor. No matter the side effect is more harmful or less, just call the doctor immediately.

Explain to the doctor your medical history, food habits, sleep cycles, addictions, and any other existing disorders, infections, or allergies.

If you are one of the heart disorder victims, take special precautions because Tastylia 20 Mg can affect the heart if not taken properly.

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  1. Ligigo Breaze

    Erectile dysfunction can be treated long-term with this medication. I consume this tablet on a regular basis.

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