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Vigora Lido Spray

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Active Ingredient (Generic Name):



Zydus Cadila Pharma


15 gm in 1 bottle


15 gm

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6 To 15 days

Vigora Lido Spray is a local anesthetic used to temporarily numb certain areas of the body. It is used as an anesthetic Lidocaine to insert instruments in the human body for medical procedures. It is also used for the treatment of symptoms of painful inflammation of the urethra and bladder.

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What Is Vigora Lido Spray?

About Vigora Lido Spray

Have you ever been confused in bed in front of your wife?. A non-erect penis destroys the mood of the romantic event and turns it into frustration. Imagine the mindset of the woman who is super excited awaiting her bed partner. Not more than two minutes have elapsed and the population is over.

Instead of experiencing orgasm, the woman’s sexual urge is dissatisfied. Normally men brag about their manliness but on the most important night, most of them fail miserably.

This is due to ignorance towards sexual health and just bragging about their masculinity. Men hit the gym multiple times a day to build six-pack abs. But hardly a few of them give such emphasis to sexual organs.

If you want to overcome the embarrassment and make your partner fall in love with you literally, use the Spray.

Manufacturer of Vigora Lido Spray

Vigora Lido Spray is produced by one of the largest pharmaceutical giants, Zydus Cadila in India. The brand manufactures cures for most of the disorders and important medical equipment.

Some of its products include ED pills, anti-depressants, analgesics, asthma inhalers, pills for cardiac, kidney, and liver ailments, etc.

Strength and Dosage of Vigora Lido Spray

Vigora Lido Spray contains Lidocaine as its main ingredient. Lidocaine comprises 10% of the total composition i.e., 10%W/W. This spray must be used only once a day.


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Use of Vigora Lido Spray

The main use of Vigora Lido Spray is for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction or ED. Men suffering from a lack of penile erection are the users of Vigora Lido Spray.

How to take Vigora Lido Spray?

Use it only 10 to 15 minutes before the foreplay.

Do not overspray, two or three sprays is enough. Overuse can lead to prolonged numbness in the penile region.

The spray must be used under the supervision of a doctor or an expert in medicines.

There must be consent from the female partner because sometimes her vagina turns out to be allergic to the spray. She may encounter inflammation, itching, and uneasy feeling in the public region. Therefore, it becomes important to regularly communicate during the sexual process.

Remove any contraceptives like condoms before applying the spray.

Be aware of the reactions of the spray to existing problems. Therefore, if you are suffering from itching or infection in the penile region tell the doctor about it. Only upon his approval use the spray.

How does Vigora Lido Spray work?

Vigora Lido Spray works to relieve patients suffering from insufficient penile erection. When a man is sexually stimulated, the instructions from the nervous system ask for the movement of blood in the penile region.

Thus, a huge inflow of blood takes place directed into the penis, which ultimately results in an erection. But in ED, this flow of blood is prevented from entering the blood vessels of the penis.

When Vigora Lido Spray is applied, it aims to remove the obstacles and ensure swift movement of blood in the penis.

The spray also acts as anesthesia making the area numb where it is applied. The signals are blocked in and out of the penis. This results in the ejaculation getting delayed and extension of erection.

Hence, along with providing a hard penis Vigora Lido Spray also elongates the time for sexual activity.


There is no exact dosage for Vigora Lido Spray. Doctors ask you to take the pill only once when you indulge in sexual activity.

How long Vigora Lido Spray shall be continued

There is no particular time for the spray. Use the spray over the penis 15 to 20 minutes before sexual stimulation.

Missed a dose of Vigora Lido Spray

Missing the spray will not be good for your relationship as you would not last more than a few minutes on the bed without it.

No side effects occur if you miss the dose. So, you can remain tension-free if you forget to apply Vigora Lido Spray.


  • With Tadalafil & Vardenafil


  • With Ketoconazole


When not to take Vigora Lido Spray

One must not use Vigora Lido Spray if the doctor hasn’t advised yet. Some people have allergic effects to using the spray. Rush to the respective doctor in such situations.

If you are using pills for ED treatment then it’s better not to use the spray. First terminate the use of the pill then only use the spray.

Vigora Lido Spray is one sort of chemical in the form of small water droplets. Therefore, if you are allergic to Lidocaine which is the main ingredient of Vigora Lido Spray then refrain from using it.

Side Effects

  • Patches

Red patches occur on the reproductive organs.

  • Itching

Patients complain of itching sensation in some parts of the body.

Overdose Effects of Vigora Lido Spray

Overdose refers to the situation where people overuse medicine. This leads to side effects that sometimes put your life at stake. Some of the side effects are swelling, growth of pubic hair, headache, indigestion, muscle pain, inflammation, etc.

Precaution & Warning

The instructions by the doctor must be followed.

If you are suffering from any allergies or infections tell the doctor while describing your problem.

If you are not satisfied with sexual activity then do not use the spray.

The reaction of Lidocaine and the drug might be harmful.

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