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Zudena 100 Mg


Active Ingredient (Generic Name):



Sunrise Remedies, India


4 tablets in1 strip


100 Mg

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6 To 15 days

Zudena 100 Mg contains Udenafil as an active agent which is used to treat Erectile Dysfunction in men. You may purchase this prescription-based drug from Safepills4ed on a doctor’s prescription.

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What Is Zudena 100 Mg

About Zudena 100 Mg

Zudena 100 Mg is a pill that brings spice back in men’s life by providing a hard penis. This situation is Erectile Dysfunction or simply ED. Zudena 100 Mg being the cure of ED is known as a counter ED drug. Zudena 100 Mg belongs to the chemical group of PDE-5 inhibitors. The drug is known to achieve a good erection for 6 to 7 hours if taken properly as per the prescription.

Manufacturer of Zudena 100 Mg

Zudena 100 Mg is made by Sunrise Remedies, a name that needs no introduction in medicine making. Its journey from a small wholesaler of drugs to one of the stalwarts of drug-making is remarkable and worth inspiring. Today it accounts for a major chunk of India’s pharmaceutical exports. It manufactures various categories of drugs such as antiseptics, antipyretics, analgesics, antibiotics, drugs that cure heart, kidney, and liver problems, sexual wellness pills, anti-depressants, and many others.

The products of Sunrise Remedies pass every safety criterion and is free to be sold in more than 50 countries. Therefore, no need to worry about the efficiency and safety of a drug when it is made by Sunrise Remedies.

Strength and Dosage of Zudena 100 Mg

The strength and dosage are two important factors of any drug, on which the whole reactivity of the drug depends. Small changes in strength and dosage result in major changes in outcome. If your current strength and dosage are not sufficient for you, consult with a doctor, whether to make changes to it or not. Do not change the strength and dosage on your own, it may put your life at risk with fatal side effects.

Use of Zudena 100 Mg

The major component of the drug in Zudena 100 Mg is Udenafil, rest are preservatives and catalysts. The main aim of taking the drug is to bring back the erection of the penis i.e., to cure ED.

How to take Zudena 100 Mg?

Zudena 100 Mg is a pill that needs to be consumed with water just like others. For this reason, it comes under the category of water-soluble drugs.

The pills must not be broken, chewed, or disintegrated because it is not an oral pill, swallowing is the way to consume the drug.

Do not take the drug with alcoholic beverages, soda drinks, fruit juices, etc.

How does Zudena 100 Mg work?

Zudena 100 Mg erects the penis and makes it rock solid hard for satisfying sexual intercourse. During ED penis is unable to get erect, even if it gets erect, it cannot sustain the erection for too long. This results in frustration, anger, and disappointment in the relationship. A successful relationship also means a satisfying sex life which without a good erection is impossible. If blood vessels of the penis receive a heavy supply of blood, the penis becomes hard or else remains as it is.

This proves that blood circulation is the key factor in gaining an erection. During ED due to various reasons, blood is prevented from entering the penile region. Zudena 100 Mg overcomes ED by ensuring good blood flow in the penis by lowering blood pressure, softening erectile dysfunction, and easing contractions in pelvic muscles.


A certain amount of dosage will function properly while slightly less or high dosage will have a different effect. The exact dosage can be told by the doctor only. Dosage is variable for each patient suffering from the same disorder. Someone might need Super Zudena while someone may need 100 Mg.

How long Zudena 100 Mg shall be continued

Refer to the prescription for the duration of dosage. Like strength and dosage, it is delicate parameter that should be changed only after consulting with the doctor.

Missed a dose of Zudena 100 Mg

Missing the dose is not dangerous and harmful like overdose but it makes the drug less effective. One must understand the steps given below to check any results:

  • Do not take the pill on the day you missed the dose. Start taking the dose after one daybreak.
  • But make sure you do not take extra pills the next day.


  • With Sildenafil Citrate and Vardenafil

Very dangerous.

  • With Calciferol

Harmful effects.

When not to take Zudena 100 Mg

When you are diagnosed allergic to Zudena 100 Mg. This means your body and immune system are not cooperating with the drug. The physician will most probably require you to charge the medicine.

When you are recovering from the side effects of a previous disorder. First, get rid of any side effects completely then only go for Zudena 100 Mg.

Do not take the drug without consulting the physician.

Side Effects

  • Prolonged erection

Sometimes it is reported that patients are experiencing prolonged erection. Meet the doctor immediately as it can be dangerous for blood vessels of the penis.

  • Dizziness

Fainting, dizziness, and feeling of tiredness engulf the whole body.

Overdose Effects of Zudena 100 Mg

Overdose must never be encouraged. Most people take an excess dose after believing rumors or advice that it cures the disorder faster. But in return, they are awarded hazardous side effects, some of which are more fatal than ED.

Precaution & Warning

The most important precaution is to make sure that the drug is purchased from legal and authorized sellers. Fraud online sites offer very cheap prices to lure customers for fake pills sold under branded names.

You should inform the physician about your medical history, sleep cycle, what you eat, any current disorders and mental health, etc.

If you are suffering from heart, kidney, or liver disorders, be extremely cautious because such people are most vulnerable to side effects.

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