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Which tablet is used to cure Erectile Dysfunction?

tablet is used to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Living with Erectile Dysfunction is not the solution. Right now you are puzzled and looking for ways to get over your sexual problems on erections. Maybe you have found out from your friend that there are various brands of ED medicines available in the market and wondering which one could be the right one for you.

Well, then you have come to the right place as in this post we are going to help you on choosing the right ED medicines and also give you some important information on how to use ED medicines to get the intended results.

Let’s begin…

On the list of Erectile Dysfunction cures, you have got Erectile Dysfunction medicines. The medicinal way of ED cure is quite popular among men suffering from ED.

Using the medicines is preferable among most men as it is a cheap form of Erectile Dysfunction treatment. Also, you have a lot of varieties of ED medicines when it comes to brand. If you are seeing side effects cropping up using one ED medicine then you can try out another brand.

There are so many brands in the market but they can also be divided into a few categories as we will be discussing them down below.

What are ED pills?

Erectile Dysfunction pills are a type of pill that helps you to get erections. These are the type of pills that have a generic substance in them for example, Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, and Avanafil.

One Erectile Dysfunction pill will only have one generic substance. Also, there are some other substances within the ED pills too but they are in very minor or trace quantities. Some of the other substances you will find in the ED pills include red ginseng, vitamins, folic acid, etc.

Now, to take any ED pill we recommend that you get a consultation from the doctor. This would help you to avoid major side effects and contraindications.

What are the categories of ED pills?

You will find there are so many brand names in the Erectile Dysfunction pills that it almost seems confusing. Sometimes you might have also wondered whether all the pills are the same.

But no not all the pills are the same generically as we told you above that each ED pill would have a generic substance in it. 

Then there is another form of categorization of ED pills too and these are either prescription pills or generic pills.

You must have heard the name Viagra. Viagra, probably the most commonly known ED pill has this generic Sildenafil substance in it and it belongs form the class of prescription pills as it is also got its approval from the FDA.

But there are loads of other ED pills such as Fildena, Silditop, Bluemen, Cenforce that belong to the generic category with the same generic substance in them that is Sildenafil. 

When you consider the Tadalafil group you have got Cialis as a prescription, one that is also FDA approved.

In the generic Tadalafil category of pills, you have got Vidalista and some other brands too.

Remember that both prescription pills and generic pills work in the same way. The only difference is that FDA has not provided approval for some brands.

There is also a major difference in the cost of the ED pills with the prescription and FDA-approved ED pills being far costlier than their generic versions. But generic version pills might not be available in any country or they can even be region-specific.

There are also some brands of ED pills such as Kamagra that are used in the US, the UK, and some other countries. 

How do the ED pills work?

Now that you have a basic idea of which Erectile Dysfunction pills are used for ED cure with names of a few popular brands in the market let’s now find out how the ED pills work.

The main working action of the ED pills is dominated by the generic substance within the ED pills. Remember that all generic substances work in the same way that is their mode of working is the same.

The only difference is in the active time and sometimes time is taken for work.

For example, Sildenafil has only got a lasting time of around 6 hours maximum whereas Tadalafil has got an active time of 36 hours for its highest dose.

Where Sildenafil does not take more than 30 minutes to get activated pills containing the generic substance Tadalafil may take as much as 1 hour.

So, coming back to the point, when the generic substance gets activated this would block off the supply of the PDE-5 hormones in the blood. The stoppage of the PDE-5 hormones would lead to an increase in the supply of the cGMP hormone.

With rising cGMP levels beyond a certain threshold limit, it would trigger the actions of nitric oxide that leads to the dilation of blood through the arterial tissues as the tissues become more relaxed.

The penis tissues get triggered to touch and get hard when the blood flow through the penile tissues increases substantially. 

Does taking ED pills to cure your ED permanently?

The thing that you have been pondering for some time now is whether ED pills can help you to get rid of the ED disorder once and for all.

And the answer is no, it can’t.

Erectile Dysfunction pills are the form of treatment that you should be looking at for finding a permanent cure. It is not a way of remedy that is going to help you get over the disorder.

But the use of ED pills is done by ED patients only for the time being temporary. Its use is generally done daily by ED patients depending on their suitability and adjustment of the dose in their body.

Use ED pills only as the doctors guide you to.

What do the reviews of the ED pills suggest?

So let’s finally after this post check out just how successful the ED pills have been for curing ED and how do the patients apprehend or recommend the use of the ED pills. Mostly when you check the reviews you will find encouraging and positive comments only.

The occurrences of major side effects have been rare barring those cases where the patients have deliberately overridden the doctor’s guidelines and taken an overdose.

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