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You should know the Importance of Vitamins in Our Life

You should know the Importance of Vitamins in Our Life

Vitamins are important nutrients required by our body. Like carbohydrates, they need not be consumed in large quantities but in small portions. But makes sure that those small portions are always there in your diet. Deficiency of Vitamins can lead to various disorders and your body may turn inefficient. At the same time, if vitamins are taken in excess, they can turn dangerous for your body. This is the reason doctors stress on a balanced diet where every nutrient is present as per the need.

Why do we need Vitamins?

Many people have this confusion that what purpose does vitamins come into because they are taken in little amounts? And what difference it will make if we do not consume vitamins? Carbohydrates provide us with the quick energy to do any work while fats act as storage food to provide the energy in case you do not consume any food. On the other hand, Vitamins are unlike each of them. They do not provide any energy to the body instead they work to keep the body healthy and effective.

Each vitamin is responsible for different functions of the body, some take care of eyesight, some take care of teeth, bones, and skin. They are like transformers of health. It is secure whether everything is working fine or not.

Talking biologically, our body does a lot of work in a day. For small instructions and messages to reach in and out of the brain an effective flow of neurotransmitters is required. If neurotransmitters become ineffective or their levels decrease the coordination between the organs and the central nervous system is disturbed. Improve sexual activity using some medicine like Cenforce 100 and Tadalista 20.

For the essential nutrients to reach the body parts, blood is supplied to them. In another example, when the old skin cells are depleted, they are replaced by new ones. Other many biological functions are always happening in our body which we are unaware of but to make them function smoothly vitamins are required. Vitamins also play a major role in strengthening our immune system thus, saving us from the attack of foreign substances.

Therefore, if one intends to increase his or her productivity in any field of work. It is important to take vitamins in necessary amounts.

Types of Vitamins

There is a total of 13 types of vitamins. There are A, D, E, and K are fat-soluble while 8 B and C are water-soluble vitamins. Each has its use and is both important. The difference lies in their working and storage systems. Fat-soluble vitamins are stored as fats in the body for five to six months.

In case of deficiency of Vitamins

Vitamins come in the category of micronutrients along with minerals. This means they need to be consumed in little amounts. But people often make the mistake of not including vitamins in their diet thinking that nothing would happen. Well, to some extent they are true because immediately nothing would happen but if you neglect vitamins regularly in your diet then things could be different. It could lead to the deficiency of vitamins causing serious trouble such as inefficient immune system and difficulty in healing wounds etc.

Deficiency of Vitamin A:

The Deficiency of Vitamin A in the body can begin with night blindness or total blindness, more prone to serious diseases and difficulty during pregnancy, etc. This deficiency is mostly seen in South Asian and African countries where malnutrition is widespread.

Sources of Vitamin A include seafood, oil, eggs, dairy products, etc.

Deficiency of Vitamin C:

Deficiency of Vitamin C in a position called Scurvy. The person suffers from bleeding gums, degradation of teeth, rashes, tiredness, etc.

Sources of Vitamin C include eatables with citric acid such as lemon, lime, orange, potatoes, broccoli, etc.

Deficiency of Vitamin D:

Lack of Vitamin D results in a disorder called Ricket in which the bone density decreases exceedingly making the bones weaker. Such people encounter more fractures and skeletal pain. Bones are in deep need of calcium in such situations but simply taking more calcium will be of no use. Even if calcium is present in the body, it will not be used to repair and build bones. Vitamin D is the element that receives calcium to be used by osseins.

Sources of Vitamin D are sunlight, egg yolk, grains, fish, etc.

Deficiency of Vitamin K:

Lack of Vitamin K can lead to a very serious situation because it causes continuous bleeding that doesn’t stop. This situation is also known as Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding (VKDB). This is more common in newborn babies where a small cut causes intense bleeding and clotting become difficult. Vitamin K helps the blood platelets to clot and stop the bleeding.

Sources of Vitamin K include green veggies, meat, egg, oils, etc.


One should never forget the importance of every single nutrient in our body. No matter how little they are required but still even that amount is a necessity.

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