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Does Depression Affect Erectile Dysfunction?

Depression affect Erectile Dysfunction

Depression is one of those disorders that have a plethora of impacts. It is one of those silent killing disorders that have a tendency to reign havoc in your body.

You will be surprised to know about the various disorders that may crop up as a result of you suffering from depression. What most people don’t understand is that depression is not a disorder that will suddenly crop up on a day leaving you with symptoms such that you can be sure of it.

It is such a sort of mental problem that gradually affects a man both psychically and physically. And over a few years or even decades sometimes these disorders that crop up with each passing day tend to become more severe and eventually lethal.

No part of your body will not be affected due to depression. Whether it is your heart, brain, nerve impulses, stomach and digestion, and even your sexual responses that start to show up symptoms.

In this article, we will have a look at one of these relationships that is between your sexual problems and your depression and see how depression can affect a person sexually. In this article, we will describe the relationship between depression and the sexual problem for males.

What is the relationship between Depression and the sexual problem of a man?

You may suffer from various sexual disorders due to suffering from depression. Generally, after careful research and years of experiments done in this field, it has been found that suffering from depression leads to general disinterest in having sex for a man.

If you are suffering from depression then it simply does not allow you to maintain the type of sexual relationship you had or you want to have with your partner or wife.

Several types of research done in this field have indicated that a man suffering from depression will have a general disliking or no interest to get horny or have sexual wonders.

This leads generally leads to the person leading a sort of ascetic life and becoming gradually secluded.

In this article, we are specifically going to cover and unravel the mysteries of one such sexual disorder that is increasingly becoming more and more concerning in men these days that is erectile dysfunction. We will see how erectile dysfunction occurs in the first place as a result of suffering from depression and how it can further aggravate the problem into a serious one.

Finding out more about Erectile dysfunction

We will first have a look at what this sexual disorder is erectile dysfunction is. Then in the later sections, we will also look at how depression although seems unrelating to ED is related to ED. Let’s begin…

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that does not allow a person to have erections on their own. And by this, we mean that the affected person will despite all the temptations is just unable to make their penis hard.

While there are many treatments for this nagging sexual problem the use of medicines such as Viagra and Cialis are among the most common ones. If you want to find out a cure to this disorder and use ED medicines then you have to visit a doctor first and get a recommendation on which brand or dose of medicine you should ideally use.

How can Depression trigger Erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that is triggered by depression psychically only. But for you to know exactly how this happens let’s first find out how a normal man gets to make their penis hard.

Well, the normal process of male erections starts when the brain generates signals to get horny or to have sex.  These signals are then transmitted by way of neurons to the heart that increases the flow of blood to the penile tissues. It is then on stimulating it that a person can make their penis hard.

Where does the anomaly lie for a person suffering from Depression?

Well, you see, the problem is in the first place itself. You see when you are suffering from depression your brain itself is not behaving properly.

Your brain is already involved in dealing with other thoughts that you are probably worried or concerned about and thus your brain simply does not want to have sex. Men suffering from depression will indeed have an almost indifferent attitude toward having sex.

Thus their brains don’t allow them in sexual indulgence or to have those sexual thoughts. Thus you can suffer from erectile dysfunction that is triggered by depression.

What is the remedy to it?

Well, you may use ED curing medicines such as Viagra (Cenforce 100, Fildena 150, and Kamagra Polo) or Cialis (Vidalista 60, Tadalista 20, and Megalis 20), or any other brand for that matter.

But unfortunately, these are not the means to get an erectile dysfunction permanent cure. You see when you are suffering from erectile dysfunction triggered by depression you don’t have any other option than to cure depression to get a permanent cure.

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