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Erectile Dysfunction Test: How can you test physically for ED?

Erectile Dysfunction Tests How can you test physically for ED

When you are suffering from erectile dysfunction the first thing that you need to do is to visit the doctor. Of course, let’s be clear that at this point you are not able to conclude right away that you are suffering from the erectile dysfunction (ED) problem.

Sometimes a lot of temporary stress, pain, or injury to the penis region may also hinder erection capability. But these are only occurring temporarily.

If you are not having an erection or seeing an erection as hard as you need for penetration for a long time having recurring problems each night then this is a definitive hint to the Erectile dysfunction problem.

Anyways, the doctors are going to do a lot of examinations some of which might be simple ones such as conversation to get an idea about your feelings and the problems that you are suffering from and also some internal physical exams like blood pressure tests, ultrasound tests, and injection tests.

This article is solely intended for guys like you who are hinting at ED due to their lack of erections and just want to gain some extra knowledge on Erectile dysfunction diagnosis before visiting the doctor.

So let’s dive into it. But before we do so we will have a look at some of the causes behind ED that might just be able to help us understand the reasons behind the subsequent diagnosis and tests which are to be prescribed by the doctor.

Understanding the causes of ED-

Erectile dysfunction may look to someone as the inability to derive a hard erection on their own. But it has more complicated reasons behind it. You will be surprised to know that Erectile dysfunction has both physical and psychological causes and some of them almost look irrelevant.

  • Physical disorders triggering ED-
  • Heart disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney problems
  • Nerve disorders
  • Obesity
  • Cholesterol
  • Psychological problems triggering ED-
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Tests which the doctors might recommend to an ED suspecting patient

Generally, here we have tried to keep things as simple as possible and have avoided all the medical jargon to allow the patient to have an in-depth idea quickly.

So here are the possible Erectile dysfunction tests that you might undergo when you first visit the doctor-

  • Conversation to understand the medical and sexual history
  • This is not a test exactly. But the doctors are going to ask you to tell in detail about past instances of your entire medical history including any diseases that you have suffered from or medicines like Cenforce 200, Tadarise 20, and Malegra 100 that you have taken to cure the disorder.
  • They will also check out in brief about your sexual history and whether you have suffered from any sexual problems in the past.
  • Doctors just want to have an idea of whether any past physical disorder might have created a sexual irregularity or anomaly that has led to ED.

Physical examination

This is a simple external observation of your entire penis region including the penis and the testicles to make sure that they look normal. Doctors will check for signs of hair loss to find out and suspect whether you have any hormonal problem.

Doctors are also likely to check your pulse for signs of low blood pressure, listen to your heartbeat, and examine your blood pressure.

Blood tests and urine tests

Now that a basic physical examination and conversation with the patient is done they will ask the patients to undergo blood tests and urine tests.

This is to check if they are suffering from diabetes, heart disorders, liver, and kidney disorders. now doing all this is going to take a bit of time and in the meanwhile, you just have to keep patience and hope.

Overnight erection test

This test can be done at home or in the doctor’s compartment. Generally, it did at night so the doctors are going to give you a medical device that you need to pad up around your penis.

This test checks for normal male sexual behavior which is if you are getting normal erections at night. If not then this is not conclusive evidence of erectile dysfunction but one that gives some inference.

Injection test

This is a simple test again which is done by the doctors when you are at their chamber. So the doctors are going to inject medicine at the base region of your penis and see if you are getting an erection or not. This test provides conclusive evidence of normal or lack of blood flow through the penis capillaries.

Ultrasound test

This is a Doppler effect using a technique to find out whether the blood flowing through your penis capillaries is in line with the normal levels or not.

Generally, this test is done in combination with the injection test to give combined results and mostly likely conclusive evidence.

Mental health test

This is where the doctors may appoint a psychiatrist to find out if you have symptoms of psychological problems and whether if you suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression.

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