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What is Testosterone? Symptoms and Treatment of Low Testosterone In Men

What is Testosterone? Symptoms and Treatment of Low Testosterone In Men

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is the male hormone. It is critical for inducing signs of manliness in the males. But sometimes due to some problems men may have to suffer from low testosterone.

Testosterone is a male hormone that can induce both appearance and sexual development in males. It is the primary hormone that helps cause sperm production and synthesis and also induces sex drive in males.

If you are suffering from low testosterone levels then you are bound to suffer from some sexual disorders and even a reduction in manliness features.

Going by the standards of doctors 300 nanograms per decaliter. Normally it is not tough for doctors to find out whether a male is suffering from low testosterone levels. They will usually conduct blood tests and sperm count tests to confirm the same.

Symptoms of low testosterone

  • Low sex drive

Generally, a person is expected to suffer from a low sexual drive as there is a reduction in the levels of testosterone in males. Although with increasing age the levels of Testosterone are expected to lower males at a young age group may also suffer from low testosterone levels.

  • Difficulty in gaining a hard erection

A person may also suffer from having difficulties gaining a hard erection. Remember that testosterone is not responsible on its own to enable you to get hard. But remember that your testosterone levels play a crucial role in enabling you to get hard.

Testosterone is a hormone that in your brain will act to release chemicals that act as a precursor of releasing nitric oxide.

Thereafter it is with the vasodilation effects of the blood flow to the penis tissues increase and allows the penis to get hard. Thus you can see that the testosterone hormone does play a critical role in gaining penile hardness in men.

On most occasions, men having lower Testosterone are expected to suffer from difficulties to get hard.

  • Reduction in semen volume

Testosterone is a hormone that also aids in the production of semen volume. Semen is the milky type of volume that aids in increasing the motility of the sperm.

Men with lower Testosterone are expected to suffer from a lower semen volume. This is because with lower Testosterone your sperms and the seminal fluid may not be all that motile and release in larger amounts.

  • Hair loss

Testosterone’s functions also include the growth of hair. People having low Testosterone may surely find an increase in hair fall or even balding cropping up. Males may also suffer from loss of body hair and facial hair.

  • Fatigue

It has come out after research that men suffering from low Testosterone may also generally tend to become or feel fatigued at times. They may find still being fatigued after long hours of sleep or even find it difficult to motivate them to get to work or do some physical work such as exercises.

  • Reduction in muscles in males

Suffering from a reduction in muscle masses is one of the more direct effects of having lower Testosterone. It is generally during the time of teenage in males when a boost of testosterone levels will give rise to more muscle mass.

But if a male is suddenly suffering from lower Testosterone then gradually they may expect the muscle mass to decrease which may further lead to fatigue or even abrupt and weight loss.

Treatments to boost testosterone

  • Taking in testosterone booster supplements

There are a lot of booster supplements for testosterone that are available in the market. And all of these supplement boosters for testosterone claim to be natural.

And yes, you can take one of these supplements to increase testosterone gradually over a few months.

Also, note that such products are not under the purview of the FDA.

  • Taking the right Testosterone diet

Taking the right diet over time is going to cause significant benefits in boosting low testosterone levels. You can easily take the right diet such as those food items that contain zinc and Vitamin D.

Here are some examples of food items for increasing amounts of Testosterone- Oysters, pomegranates, leafy green veggies, fatty fish and fish oil, extra virgin olive oil, onions, etc.

  • Go for testosterone replacement therapy

Generally for this treatment, the patient is advised on certain medicines and pills all of which work to increase the levels of testosterone in your blood. Suhagra 100, Malegra 100 and Cenforce 50 pills act to work upon those hormones that are a precursor to the release of more testosterone.

  • Take testosterone injections

Last but not least you can choose to go with testosterone injections which is a simple, effective, and more direct way of increasing testosterone levels.

For this, you have to visit a doctor and ensure the administration of the injection is done in the testicles only by a doctor or an experienced nurse.

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