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Duratia 60 Mg

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Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.


10 tablets in 1 strip


60 Mg

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6 To 15 days

Duratia 60 mg tablet is use to treat premature ejaculation, which is one of the most common causes of sexual dysfunction in men. It is defined as early ejaculation with minimal sexual stimulation before or soon after penetration, and can cause distress and problems with relationships.

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What Is Duratia 60 Mg?

About Duratia 60 Mg

The Duratia 60 Mg is a Tablet that has been specially formulated to deal with health situations like erectile dysfunction. It has been developed to get elevated of conditions like this and ultimately make your lives easier. Thus, it becomes essential for every individual to incorporate these tablets properly to get their benefit and fight diseases like erectile dysfunction properly.

To deal with devastating conditions or health situations like erectile dysfunction, one must keep a thing in their mind. Though Exist to get alleviated conditions like erectile dysfunction and other intimate issues, medications like the Duratia 60 Mg can certainly be alleviating air conditions at a much more rapid rate.

Manufacturer of Duratia 60 Mg

This tablet is manufactured by Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. in India. Being produced in extremely well-developed facilities in India, one can certainly be reliable of the fact that these medications are of the highest quality and order.

These drugs also furnish a major advantage over any other drug as it is produced in India, the overall cost induced is also low. It ensures that the medications can well be accessed at a cheaper rate in competitive any other branded medicine.

Strength and Dosage of Duratia 60 Mg

There are different dosages of these medications that can be available in the market. Depending upon the person’s condition, it depends on what one should be incorporating.

Since the medication has enough strength to alleviate your conditions without much consumption, 60MG is quite the popular variant to alleviate your situation.

Use of Duratia 60 Mg

The medicines are composed of Dapoxetine and this can ultimately be acting as an agent providing hope of elevating erectile dysfunction and other related diseases.

These are the sort of medicines that can ultimately be causing a person to get elevated up or forms of sexual life and deal with other important issues of your life as well.

How to take Duratia 60 Mg?

Consumption of these medications should only be done by gulping the end down with some water. It is quite common among people to achieve medicines, however, you should consume and without chewing. This will assure that the medicine does not lose its honesty.

Consumption of these medications by grinding or breaking them down causes damage to the integrity of this medication and its performance. So, do not consume it by doing these things.

How does Duratia 60 Mg work?

Duratia 60 Mg works in the body by facilitating proper levels of blood infusion in your private part and that ultimately enables it to get erected at the time of getting intimate. The increased presence or increased volume of blood inflow in the penis ultimately assists you to get proper levels of sexual experience with your partner.

This medicine does not induce as many levels of side effects as it directly works on alleviating your blood influence trade of actually working on other things.


The dosages of these medicines completely depend on the advice of the doctor. Dosages of these medications particularly depend on whether an individual is suffering from the worst forms of erectile dysfunction or suffering the disease at its nascent stage.

If you want quicker elevation from the disease comment insert and you need to be consulting your doctor and it increased to such as of these tablets based on the capability of your body.

How long Duratia 60 Mg shall be continued

Consumption of the Duratia 60 Mg Pills should only be taken if the doctor recommends you to consume it. The duration is also set by the doctor himself and that is why strictly abiding by it is also important.

If your doctor recommends you to consume these medications for a particular cause, then the conditions of your body must have improved. However, if it doesn’t then instead of continuing with this medication consult the doctor and take suggestions on what to do next.

Missed dose of Duratia 60 Mg

If when can certainly be wondering that if he misses the dosages of the tablet then what should you do. It is in this situation that it becomes important to not overconsume the medication on the next day as it can have certain start effects that can be causing problems in your system.

To ensure that you do not miss any doses, one should always be focused and keep a healthy track of the medicines that he is incorporating. If you are dedicated enough to alleviating situations like erectile dysfunction then certainly you won’t miss your tablet.


Medicines like this can be contraindicated with alcohol. To get positive results of getting improved from erectile dysfunction properly by improving this medication intake, and then you have to quit consumption of alcohol.

For people who might be already dealing with different forms of body problems, then medicines are already in place to deal with those situations. Drugs like this can potentially because contraindications in the body if you consume all these medications at the same time.

When not to take Duratia 60 Mg

One should not be consuming these medications if he is encountering erectile dysfunction in its early stages.

Consumption of these medications should not be done unless it is guided or recommended by your physician.

For people who experience sexual problems below the age of 18 years, consumption of these medications is prohibited.

Side Effects

The consumption of these medicines can certainly be impacting your system and cause side effects like drowsiness, dizziness, slight fatigue, and vision problems.

Overdose Effects of Duratia 60 Mg

In extreme situations, overdosing on drugs like the Duratia 60 Mg can certainly be causing other forms of issues in organs like the liver, kidney and can sometimes also be leading to bad cardiac problems.

Precaution & Warning

Every individual should ensure that he incorporates this medication under the supervision of a doctor.

One should never consume these medications with products like alcohol or any other intoxicant.

The drugs should be kept away from the reach of a child as consumption of these things can potentially be proving to be lethal for him or her.

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