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Sildigra 75 Mg


Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil citrate


RSM Enterprises


10 Tablets In 1 Strip


75 Mg

Delivery Time:

6 To 15 days

Sildigra 75 mg is a powerful medicine that helps treat male impotence. It enhances the male sensual activity and works to improve Erectile Dysfunction. It contains an active substance of Sildenafil citrate. Sildigra 75 mg is manufactured by RSM Enterprises in India.

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What Is Sildigra 75 Mg?

About Sildigra 75 Mg

Sildigra 75 Mg is the drug prescribed for curing sexual disorders like Erectile Dysfunction or ED. It has given men the ability to satisfy their wives or girlfriend. During ED, the penis does not become erect despite the sexual stimulation experienced by the person. It is an embarrassing situation for males because patriarchy and masculinity have infused the notion in their minds that sexuality is what defines manliness. And this is also the reason such people suffer more due to ED.

An ED patient is seen as less manly and mostly made fun of by relatives, friends, and colleagues. This is the reason that ED patients refrain from disclosing their disorder to acquaintances. This builds sufficient stress in their mental space often leading to depression, anxiety, hallucinations, and other psychological problems.

Manufacturer of Sildigra 75 Mg

RSM Enterprises is the manufacturer of Sildigra 75 Mg. Established in 2008 in Chandigarh, RSM Enterprises has come a long way in helping sexually defective men. Without sexual pleasure life of an adult male is troublesome and low in self-confidence.

Today RSM Enterprises has expanded its products into different categories and not just ED pills. It manufactures analgesics, antipyretics, antidepressants, abortion pills, gas problems, etc.

Strength and Dosage of Sildigra 75 Mg

Sildigra 75 Mg has a strength of 75 Mg with a maximum dosage of 300 Mg in a day. In most of the one pill of Sildigra 75mg is prescribed in a day. The exact dosage can only be given by the concerned doctor.

In case of any confusion regarding strength and dosage, consult the doctor. If the current dosage is not showing any improvements in you, do not take any decision on your own. Discuss your problem with the doctor on how to proceed next.


Anyone buying Sildigra 75 Mg should not worry much because Sildigra 75mg is always available in full stock in Safepills4ed. This shows the great demand for the drug which indicates the spread of ED.

Today any male above the age of 25 is vulnerable to suffer from, while most of above 40 years already suffer from ED. So, you can imagine the reason why so many people are in dire need of Sildigra 75 Mg.

Use of Sildigra 75

Sildigra 75 Mg is consumed to get rid of Erectile Dysfunction or ED. Regular use of Sildigra 75 Mg as per the prescription can surely help you in getting relieved from ED. Sildigra 75 Mg significantly boosts the blood supply to the penis, causing a hard and long-lasting erection.

It is a condition in which the pulmonary arteries supplying blood to and from the organs experience high blood pressure.

How to take Sildigra 75 Mg?

Like most drugs, Sildigra 75 Mg is also a water-soluble drug. This means pills of Sildigra 75 Mg must get dissolved in water to be able to function.

Take the tablet with a glass of liquid.

Do not chew, bite or apply any kind of mechanical pressure on the pill. Take it in the whole form.

Take the drug almost an hour before you plan to initiate the lovemaking process.

You can take the drug either before or after taking the meal, it doesn’t make any difference.

How does Sildigra 75 Mg work?

The main reason which leads to ED is the faulty blood supply in the penis. For the penis to achieve an erection, it should receive a good supply of blood through sexual stimulation. But due to conditions like smoking, alcohol consumption, drug abuse, obesity, diabetes, stress, anxiety, etc very low quantity of blood enters the penis. Hence, it results in negligible erection which lasts for less than a minute.

To cure the problem when Generic Sildenafil Citrate Sildigra 75 Mg is consumed, it ensures a good blood flow in the penile region. This is done by relaxing the pelvic muscles, making the erectile tissues and muscles elastic, and reducing blood pressure. Hence, this time when the person is stimulated, the blood encounters no obstruction and swiftly fills the blood vessels of the penis. This makes the penis erect and that too for a considerable time.


The dosage of Sildigra 75 Mg must be taken with no exceptions. A single mistake in amounts of dosage can cause the drug to react differently. Some people try to get rid of ED in less time by consuming more dosages than prescribed. But instead, they experience serious side effects which sometimes become life-threatening. For Sildigra 75 Mg the most prescribed dosage to people with no other disorders is one tablet a day.

How long Sildigra 75 Mg shall be continued

The consumption of Sildigra 75 Mg shall continue for the number of days given in the prescription. The duration for each drug is mentioned in the prescription, but even if some doubt remains, clarify it with the doctor.

Missed a dose of Sildigra 75 Mg

Missing the dose is not a life-threatening mistake but surely it decreases the efficiency of the drug. Thus, the duration of the medication is increased and you need to consume more pills. This is because when you miss the dose, the rhythm which was made by constantly eating pills at a fixed time regularly is broken.

Hence, when you take the pill again, try to consume it at the same time as earlier. This will again facilitate establishing the rhythm.


  • With Tadalafil

Prohibited. Tadalafil is another ED-treating pill and using it with Sildigra 75 Mg can invite side effects due to overdose.

  • With Alcohol

Very Dangerous. It has negative effects on mental health and the digestive way.

When not to take Sildigra 75 Mg

When you are not sure about being an ED patient.

If you are suffering from any chronic disorder like asthma, diabetes, etc.

If you victim of any mental problems like shock, hallucination, depression, personality disorder, etc.

Side Effects

  • Redness of skin

People encounter red skin and rashes due to excessive itching in some areas.

  • Numbness

The person may experience loss of sensation for a while.

Overdose Effects of Sildigra 75 Mg

Taking an excess dose of Sildigra 75 Mg will never result in positive consequences. They often lead to side effects like low blood pressure, loss of sensation, blurred vision, anxiety, reduced body temperature, etc.

Precaution & Warning

Purchase the drug from known sources like approved medical shops and online medical portals.

Do not get fooled by cheap prices on websites because they are fraudsters and often deliver substitutes in the name of branded ones.

In case of the patient experiences side effects, you must inform the physician as early as possible.

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